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Your window can be as short as 5 seconds to act...If you 2nd guess yourself....BOOM... your done.... nothing you can do to get that back...last night it was more apparent then ever that i realized this...had the opportunity to # close at least 4 HB's but didnt ACT.....CHODED out to say the least...the more you go out, the more i realize this is HUGE.... just being able to ACT accordingly is so key....2nd guessing yourself is detrimental to your game...remember guys "Action not Reaction" when you see that opportunity take it immediately! Never have any regrets to what you did or didn't do. Seeing is believing....the field is king! so get out there any seize the moment.
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This is great.

While I was out recently, I noticed that the SECOND that I would get a thought in my head of something to do, I only had a span of 4-5 seconds to do it. 

It was almost like the girl was subconsciously expecting me to do whatever. I didn't realize it at first, but I eventually allowed myself to go off impulse when doing certain things.

So far, it's worked :) But i'm still getting used to getting action above reaction
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