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Your window can be as short as 5 seconds to act...If you 2nd guess yourself....BOOM... your done.... nothing you can do to get that back...last night it was more apparent then ever that i realized this...had the opportunity to # close at least 4 HB's but didnt ACT.....CHODED out to say the least...the more you go out, the more i realize this is HUGE.... just being able to ACT accordingly is so key....2nd guessing yourself is detrimental to your game...remember guys "Action not Reaction" when you see that opportunity take it immediately! Never have any regrets to what you did or didn't do. Seeing is believing....the field is king! so get out there any seize the moment.
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asian caucasian
Being able to plow through when your feeling like shit is key. physically or mentally.... this past weekend i was feeling sick to my stomach and over all, not in the mood to do anything. but i said fuck that, and went out both nights anyways. you really have to not let that effect your state or it will spirl out of control. this sticking point for me has been huge. i really need to take this motivation to plow through and apply that to nights where i'll take a nap and not feel like getting out of bed. plenty of times, i have taken naps and just not have the motivation to get out of bed. now, i need to keep saying to myself, just plow, just plow and eventually that resistance to going out will go away.

Had a situation this past weekend wether to make a choice of fucking a ugo or a fatty thats was no more then a 4 or 5....... tough decision.... i could tell that when i was around them i was totally comfertable with myself and out of my head..... i need to REALLY apply that mind set to when I am in that situation where I am attracted to the girl, i can feel that same way. so many IOI was getting thrown at me, it was making my head spin. i really need to work on being more outgoing as well..... Field Experience is all what it is about!!! Keep plowing through your fears and live the life, and be the person you were always meant to be. FUCK your ego!
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