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Twice now I have brought a girl back from a club and not been able to get it up. The first time it happened was with an utter babe. I took off all her clothes and physically she was one of the hottest girls I could have fucked this year. At first when I was having a hard time getting turned on, I thought I was nervous because she was so hot: I got it in her and then, after not very long it just went limp.

Then in the morning I went down stairs, made myself some breakfast and was feeling really pumped about going back into my room and really giving her one. Exactly the same thing happened again. I got it in her and then lost attraction really quickly. This time I realised that it wasnt completely my fault, this girl was not like other girls. Even while we made out in the club I wasnt getting turned on, I was just enjoying the sensation of kissing her and feeling her body, but there was something not right about it even then.

What I think it was was that she was dominating me, she had stronger polarity than me. What turns me on about getting with girls is seeing something beautiful and hot and thinking "I am going to plunder that." I like to bite and pull girls hair, tweak their nipples, tease them and toy with the sexual energy, but try as a I might I couldnt dominate this girl. She held the frame and continued to kiss me in a way that made me feel like the more feminine one. She wasnt like other girls, in fact I think she was a little bit aspergers-y or had a male brain.

This second girl last night was exactly the same, but on top of that I fucking hated her, I couldnt have had a conversation with that girl to save her life.

So from this, as part of my way of getting better at being the buyer not the seller and having my own criteria for what I look for I am going to start paying a lot of attention to three things:

1) How hot is she? I have become a lot more confident since starting pick up about how good looking I am and there are certain characteristics that I look for in a girl. While its cool to fuck girls who are a little bit different every now and then, i definitely have a type and I think this helps me to be the pre-selector. (My type is pale skin, freckles and red hair - blondes arent too bad either)

2) Can she kiss well - I think you can tell a lot about a girl by how they kiss, if she is all sticking her tongue down your throat like a cow and your not into it, thats an indicator that there is something else amiss with both of your chemistry.

3) Can you have a decent conversation with her? Does she laugh at your jokes? Do you want to speak to her in the morning?
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