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Tiny touching is creepy.  Honestly.  I was telling girls a story about some creepy guys (I told them about how a gay man tried to groom me, which normally gets some good laughs) and demonstrated how creepy the guy was by touching the girls on the arm.  Even in the context of them telling this story the touching was creepy.  On the other hand I full out pushed a girl back into her chair (she was drawing herseful up to her full height and pretending like she was starting a fight with I pushed her went down well.  Other girls I casually walked up to and put an arm around them...or punched them repeatedly in the arm...again, no biggie.

It seems that 'tiny' touching is creepy as fuck.  Point noted.  Whereas bigger gestures are taken in better.  It might have something to do with the intent or confidence of what you are doing being better.  I guess tiny touches are creepy because the girl will more likely than not interpret as you 'trying to get some sly touching' going...something which she completely sees through.

Second lesson learnt tonight is that using canned material can be really bad unless you know when to bring it out.  I had a conversation going a bit, but there was no energy so I pulled out the story about the gay-man and the girls excused themeselves half-way through to get something to eat.  In fact the whole conversation was built on stock bits that weren't really the mid-point of the conversation I had built the conversation up to something akin to a house of cards build on little conversation breaker skits.

Another girl I found I couldn't get a conversation going, so I joked about things like how a conversation requires two to tango.  In restrospect this isn't that funny, in fact it is slightly condescending.  It would be much better to take responsiblity and try the conversation from another angle.  Talking about something I just did that day (for instance, checking out the local gyms) as mundane as it might sound...may work well enough.

It's not all bad news though, today I did the best number close I ever have.  I was filling out a questionnaire and I needed something to lean on.  I went up to the corner of a table to lean on it and there were two girls there.  I just went in and wrote on my sheet.  When I was done I looked at one girl next to me and said '...while I'm at it', and then slide my phone open and threw it onto the table next to her.  I then walked off to hand in the questionnaire.  When I did this the girl was a visibly puzzled about what to she did the only thing that would come to mind...put her number and name into my phone. lol.  It is amazing to think that the easiest way to close could be just handing your phone over and then walking off.  And yet somehow I knew it would work. 
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