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I've noticed that after going out on a night with only Pepsi and Hot Chocolate to fuel me I get exactly the same high (and come out with exactly the same shit) that I do when I'm drunk.  I guess it is more about mindset and such.  I think what helped on Friday was that I felt like being sociable and started opening early with simple 'Hi, how is your evening' conversations.  These were simply to get me to be talkative.

I found I could still come up with great things like this even without alcohol;

Me; Wow, you're really tall.  What are you??
Girl; 5'10
Me: 5'10, uh-huh, so how much of you is heel and how much of you is woman?
Girl: I'm 5'7 without them
Me: So you're 90% woman and 10% plastic then?
Her friend: you should see what she did with her boobs!!
(her friends start teasing her and she gets all flustered.  We all laugh).

Of course I know full well that I can do this without alcohol.  I've done it before.  What I didn't know was that I could feel so drunk (even the sense of feeling slightly 'out of your body' that comes with being drunk) without touching any alcohol at all.  I guess it is what you call a natural high?  I dunno.  What I do know is I want to be in that state of mind far more often.
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i have notice the same thing lately too. usually i get drunk and go out, but i have been approaching girls at school and after the 1st few interactions i feel extremely social, the same exact feeling i get when i'm drunk. i feels very weird because im at school & i'm not used to that feeling anywhere but at a night club.
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