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I've got back from a somewhat intense 4 days with some PUA friends of mine.  Although there were many techniques and mind-sets that I learnt I would say that above all the lessons boil down to 're-interpretation'.

What I mean by that is firstly re-interpreting the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.  Before I would never do something like cold day-approach.  It just didn't seem acceptable.  Women didn't seem to enjoy it.  I was just being a nuisance.  Ah! But through re-interpretation I can see that this behaviour is acceptable, and those women that appear to flinch slightly and reflexively utter 'oh my god' when you approach them?  I can't unsee that little smile on the edges of their lips as they walk away.  It is wholly possible that one of the reasons guys have trouble with women is that often they appear to flinch or dislike behaviours that attract them on a deep level.

Other examples of new boundaries that I've set include when I meet a woman.  Before I would just shake their hand, now I only have to lightly tug on their arm (and I do mean 'lightly') and then bend forward and let me kiss them on the cheeks.  Not being European, I've never really tried this before.  After doing it for 3 straight days though...well, it would appear that the world has no problem with this behaviour at all.

Other behaviours include ramping up physically in a club.  You can often grab a girl who is having fun and get her to dance with you.  Sometimes they try and wriggle and squirm out of your arms, but often times persistance tends to net them into your dance.  They stop struggling and start enjoying it.  And those times were what you do fails?  Well, those girls go back to dancing (right next to you no less) and seem to forget about it in five-minutes; at which point you can try to physically escalate on the dance floor in another way.  And if that fails...well, give it five more minutes.  The amount you can get away with at any given time is really quite mind-blowing.

This re-interpretation of acceptable boundaries and acceptable behaviours has also helped my negotiation skills a bit.  I was able to barter down the price of a hat and get 20% off.  The old me would never have tried to barter at all.  I also managed to get a girl to come out to a social meet (she didn't want to come, so I bargained her down to coming down for just an the end she stayed for the whole event and the after social too). Great stuff.

Now, these new behaviours won't stick unless I keep pushing against these boundaries.  So that is where my attention will go now.  I would not expect so much change from hanging out  with PUA's who only have a year or two of experience over me for as little as 4 days; in that respect the experience was well above my expectations.  The onus now falls on me to keep up and expand upon what I have learnt.
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