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 I went out last night with some PUAs for the first time in a while.  Opened 5 sets.  These guys have an interesting method in that they don't force me to approach but rather they have fun just casually approaching in bars.  It look like so much fun that after watching for a bit you just join in.  So I would ask the time, comment on how strong a girls' hands looked, and then challenge them to a thumb wrestle.

I found that opening the guy in the set can be a huge deal; I tried to open one set with what I described above and it simply wasn't working for me.  The girl would withdraw when I tried to hold her hand and was giving that kind of 'forced co-operation' you get when a set isn't going well.  She then played the guy in the set (and she was terrible!), so I said to the guy, 'let's show her how it is really done!'.  He beat me, we had a laugh about it.  After that their attitudes totally changed...they were now asking me who I was, shaking hands and posing in pictures with all happened so fast that I hardly had time to register what or how it had happened!

Now on perversion (don't lie! you came here to read this part!).  See, sometimes saying slightly creepy things, or doing things that are potentially creepy can show confidence.  And honestly, I love doing things that freak people out.  But I was told by the more experience PUAs there that this doesn't work for me for one reason in particular; I have a geeky  vibe about me.  True enough, but I've never felt that hurt me; no one has (outside of a shit-test) ever called me out on being 'geeky'.  That's fine.  However, playing the 'play-pervert' for me can come across as a 'genuine pervert' simply because of the assumptions people have about someone like myself. 

So I was lost and asked what my angle should be; the PUAs chimed in in agreement; I should go for a funny/confident vibe, and later on in the conversation use my intellect to make the girls feel a little uncultured or silly.   I suppose I could.  Honestly, I never felt like I was a particularly clever individual.  I still don't feel smart. But everyone around me tells me I am eloquent and come across as an intellectual (like hell I am!! I don't understand subjects like art or politics for the life of me!).  Ahahaha, well you live you learn, right?
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 Also, I think I need to stop being distracted by 'crazies'.  You know those guys in bars that are alone, but come of as weird?  Like they have no friends?  They are all too happy to want to talk to you.  When I get into a playful/friendly mood on a night out I tend to entertain these guys because I find their quirkyness funny.  However I am beginning to think that being distracted like this is actually hurting me.  I am in a sense just being thrown around my the environment and jumping to everything that is interesting; isn't that what women do?
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