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 I think I've been reading too much recently and not actually going out enough.  I'm finding that I feel people (especially my female friends) have to agree with me on what I learn about female psychology from various game-theory related sources and it is beginning to bother me when they don't.  

The point of contention I had with my female friends atm is to do with being forceful/perserverant.  I read a book (Simply Start Sex) which advocates being perserverant even if you are getting no positive feedback.  This may well be sound advice but women are rubbed the wrong way with the idea.  After some thought I've come to the conclusion there are several types of resistance women give that we have to deal with.

1. Playful resistance: A woman saying 'I don't like you' or 'You can't hug me' in a playful way.  The obvious way around this is to push through.  No problem here.  Women would agree as well; they are only playing.

2. 'Not yet' resistance: This is the kind of resistance you get when a women isn't sure if she wants you kissing her, or touching her just yet.  Most women probably genuinely at the time don't enjoy being touched.  You have to once again push through this and one day she will (silently) thank you for it.  This is one area where many women can't admit that a very deep part of them is waiting for you to man up and push through this resistance.  Women with more experience however may well recognise this for what it is.  Of course many women aren't going to agree with me on this because they confuse it with resistance type 3 and 4.

3: I hate you resistance, but if you push my I will fuck you: The girl thinks you are creepy, she isn't attracted to you, but you are the only guy man enough to push through and so get with the girl.  Women hate this, but once you bed them they have no issue with it anymore.  Most women as I mentioned probably think of this kind of resistance in terms of the negative feelings they might have at the start.

4. I hate you and always will, fuck off an die resistance: yeah, this is when you basically don't stand a chance. Again women probably imagine this situation when thinking of persistent guys (all the while ignoring the boyfriend that got them through being persistent in forms 1,2 and 3).  

To be honest it's my fault for being needy enough to need my friends to validate these ways of thinking.  I don't need people to validate these, I can validate them myself by just going out and trying in the field (something I've stopped doing for weeks).  Moreover I should never be looking to women to validate these ideas because they can't be expected to undestand how attraction works in them just because they are female anymore than I understand how attraction works in me by virtue of having a penis (granted I do know a fair bit about it, but that I learnt from Game).

At times I feel like I am trying to shout out and exclaim to the world 'what's wrong with me wanting sex?!'...and I become defensive and feel like I am trying to fend off an assault from phantoms of my own imagination.  In reality no one is assaulting me or accusing me of being a bad guy... So where are these feelings coming from?   I don't have them most of the time, but from time to time I get that way.  Maybe part of me still feels some feelings of guilt surrounding sex, or  part of me feels like I am tricking women...and I don't really know what to do about it; maybe in addition to going out I need to spend more time living a life-style that is exciting so I don't feel like I am 'cheating' women to getting with a guy that has little going on in his life...I dunno...

Anyway, the real point of this post is to get me to stop thinking about it; I'm taking the idea nagging at me inside of my head and placing it outside of myself onto the internet.  Maybe now I can feel a little more at peace.  I need to start planning going out more.  Sweet.
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