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Recently I've been reading a lot about the power of postive thought.  A topic I am sure that the users of this website are well acquainted with.   A few days ago I decided to wonder out to the town during the day and see what I could find to do.  Art Galleries, fine food, a pot of some really great tea at a bar which I've never been to before and to top it off I went to the cinema to see Kung-Fu Panda 2 (first time seeing a film in 3D.  I adore the vibe Jack Black is able to inject into his characters).  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day. 

The thing is that I found that being in a positive mindset begets (?) more postivity.   That song at the bottom of your MP3 player that you never quite liked suddenly seems to develop a rhythm that you never were able to appreciate before.  Those girls who shout out things like "Yeah! You look at us little man!" because you are checking them out suddenly go from sounding discouraging to actually sounding like they are cheering me on.

The most impressive part of that day was at one point where I remember feeling noticebly drunk for no real reason.  I assume this is what is meant by a 'natural high'.  Now, I've experienced state in the field before, but this was the first time that I experienced it in a interally driven way.  Normally it happens because of the momentum you build when you are around women.  This time however it was happening independant of external stimuli.  Yeah, I did see, do and eat things that made me happier, but those weren't really what were driving my state at the time, rather my state was being driven by my own willingness to enjoy every second of what I was experiencing.  Even a willingness to enjoy the mundane.

Imagine if you will, that you could feel that way for one day a week or even 50% of the time.  How incredible would that be?  Now consider that some people feel that kind of way on a consistent basis...mind blowing stuff.

I've taken some self-help advice to try and keep this postive way of thinking going; I have started a diary, where I list 3 things that day which I really enjoy, like or feel appreciative of.  They can range from things like the sense of 'volume' that you can enjoy from a city-soundscape, to the way a sunset bathes a town in gold, or even the smell of nectarines.  I'm just writing things that I geniunely feel happy about, even if there is no rhyme or reason to why I would be happy about them.
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