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 OK. Short blog. Went out with some PUAs, place was empty and we ended up talking about 'death' (don't ask...).  Before we got ourselves all depressed though I opened a set trying to use 'mundane game'.  That is talking about a boring thing, with a lot of enthusiasm.

I opened a girl near the bar.  I just started saying 'You know...I took the bus here today'...and then kept uttering gibberish.  It went well, she was really friendly and receptive.  I guess I need to try this a little more.  In some contexts at least making mundane game/small talk is actually really effective.  All I need is the right frame of mind behind those words to power them into something that conveys my best parts.

My friend is coming on Friday and we will be doing a 3 day Game-BINGE!! Can't wait!!
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