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 I went out last night for the first time in about a month and it went horribly :P!!

Ahaha, I guess this happens sometimes. For one thing I think I drank too much (I was getting clumsy to the point where I walked into a see-through wall in a club and at another point I spilled my drink on myself). I think I will lay off the drink for now.

Anyway, I approached that night wanting to try a new opener; asking girls what they thought about my female friend who had a thing for ‘collarbones’ (I only like to use canned material like this when it’s inspired by real-life conversations, that is to say I like to recycle content that I used in a conversation spontaneously and found was a hit. It’s canned, but at least I feel there is some of me in it). I found that out of the 10-12 sets I approached that night (I felt like I’d approached everyone that night, young/old, mixed, guys, girls, hot girls, ugly girls etc) only 2 said they thought collarbones could be considered hot (I called those girls ‘collar-boners’…ahahaha).

Anyway, I had trouble last night because my voice would keep dropping out. I got a lot of people saying ‘what?’ or ‘I can’t hear you’. Oddly enough this hasn’t happened in ages. Maybe I can just chalk this up to being out of practice, or maybe I am coming down with something.

Some of the approaches I made I think creeped some girls out (to be honest what I was talking about could easily be taken as creepy if I myself am taken as creepy). I don’t know why but the whole night I just felt off…and that was before the alcohol had taken its effect.

Even when things were going well I was getting in my own way, for instance, I told a girl ‘wow, you’re really shiny!’ (in reference to her shiny dress). She lit up and said ‘thanks!!’ at which point I said ‘Oh no, it’s not a compliment! I’m just making an observation here!’. You could see how saying that could have been a great thing to say and potentially really funny, but in my off state it came of as try-hardy and really lame.

I don’t feel too torn up about the whole night because if anything I approached more varieties of groups than I ever have. In fact I approached a massive group (12 people) easily. They were out after work and I just started talking to some of the guys, then the girls, then everybody. I was in and out with what could be considered ‘a hard set’. The truth is a large set is in many ways easier because you have more potential angles to get in from. I know full well that last night wasn’t a true representation of myself because I’ve done better in the past (in fact even my average is better than that. Normally I’ll try 5 sets, open 3-4 and get 1-2 going pretty decently) and so I can take away some experiences from it.

Most of my best experience has been in clubs so far so in a way it makes sense that the amount of energy (and sheer crazy) might simply be too much for classy bars (which are most of the places we haunt these days). A much more calm ‘hi, how is your evening going ladies? Uh-huh, yeah? Us too, we’re going to Ludo later, love the chairs in that place you know’ would probably work better for me than the louder shenanigans I’ve been doing as of late.

Hopefully next week I will be more calm and in the zone.

Over and out.
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Before you head out next time try a few things. Make sure you got in a good work out that day. Take time to self amuse. You can blast music w a friend, jump up n down, anything, just got loose. Before you head into the club or whatever and open a set, in a friendlg way, make a crack at the first girl you see. Do it to be funny, not mean. This will get you into a funny/fun state. If you are inter self amusing and literally get yourself laughing, you naturally transfer it onto girls more and more as you build momentum. Regardless if u get 0 numbers or fuck 5 girls that night, I promise it will set the tone for a great evening every time. Good luck!
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