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You know a lot of approaches go wrong.  And at the time you simply don't know why.  I am finding that recently am working out within minutes if not seconds what went wrong.  For instance the other day I made an approach at a girl working in the mall and gave her the usual "Hey!  What am I looking at?" (pointing at the wares on display).  This didn't go well.  She gave me an exasperated "I dunno" and walked off round the side of the her cart―and that was it...kinda silly when you think about it.  I just let her walk off and allowed it to fizzle out.

There was in retrospect much I could have done better there.  I could have simply walked around the other side of the cart and met her at the other side.  If she moved again I could just chase her around it (all in self-amused fun of course).   Of course these bits of not-quite-spontaneous-enough sparks of self-proclaimed genius come in after it has all gone pear-shaped. 

I've decided that if things are gonna go pear-shaped (and they inevitably will from time to time) then I might as well learn from it: I'm carrying around a pocketbook with me.  I can record within it all of my flashes of genius (and the important thing is the responses I am thinking up to all the things women can throw at me come from me and my sense of humour).  This 'recovery' diary is my idea of the day.

Other things I have been doing recently is waking up early (8AM not midday), and I've started to move my workout into the morning rather than the evening (in hopes that I can benefit from the endorphic effects of the exercise all day, rather than just before I go to sleep).  This means that unlike before where I would finish breakfast at 3PM, I now have more free-time than I know what to do with.

I've taken to reading all the random books I have on my shelf to kill some time.  Some of which I am finding interesting (heck, I brought a book on Marxism a while back hoping it would aid me on a course I was doing, but never even opened it).

One of the books is about Confident Public Speaking.  I've been doing this recently.  Little things like asking store clerks where things are instead of trying to use my caveman instincts to hunt down the cereal aisle.  I've also done this paying a lot of attention to vocal tonality and volume.  My volume has certainly gone up (I did some voice exercises 5 months ago and compared them to how I speak today.  The difference is pretty shocking.  No wonder people found talking to me back then kinda creepy!!). 

I need to work a bit more on getting more of the voice from deep in the chest; at the moment it alternates from throat/chest.  It's loud in both instances but the differences is that when done from the chest the voices cuts through sound.  If a bus or car passes by I don't have to change my voice at all to be heard when it is done right (I actually did this the other day and surprised myself).  I am in awe at people who work at outdoor markets.  You know the ones that shout out things like 'Big bag of tomatoes! A Pound!'.   These guys have incredible vocal projection.  The awesome thing is that even when you stand next to them you don't feel uncomfortable or like covering your ears; their voice is at once really loud (it has to be for them to attract customers from the other side of the square) and at the same time so effortless that you never really feel that you are being 'shouted at'.  I heard this and had an epiphany: THIS is what ultimate voice projection sounds like!  I now have a goal to work towards.
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