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OK.  So I am fairly new to all this PUA stuff.  Been going for about 2 weeks.  At first I was quite surprised that I could hold conversation well (this was a breakthrough when I realised that my conversation needed little rational thread to hold it together and that I could jump from topic to topic on a whim).

But then first I was probably being babied a bit (aww, he's trying to have a conversation!) and would then turn out to be the funny guy who could get a funny convesation going and (when he remembered to) number close.

Recently though I feel that when I talk to people that I am getting resistance.  Guys are reacting to my presence; afraid that I will take their girl...even when said girl isn't theirs (yet).  The same is true of people when I am not even interested in them and just trying to have a 'normal' conversation.  Suddenly a majority of people seem paranoid.  Can't two strangers just enjoy a conversation?

For instance, I'm in a bar, I see a girl with 2 guys.  I walk over and talk for a bit but then the guys
pull the "oh our friend is coming" (oddly enough this 3rd friend tends to never materilise, suggesting a connection between desperation and friend count).  It was clear (unless I'm deluded) that these guys were trying hard to keep the conversation with this girl going, they seemed to be worried that if they lost this one then they would have to start from scratch.

Now these two guys are of what I assume is Eastern European origin judging from their accents.  It doesn't really matter, the point is they aren't native Englsh speakers.  As they found my presence more threatening they went and pulled the 'oh, I forgot English' card, where they say little and suddenly can't understand you.  I've had this happen in other places with other Eastern European-y types.  It could be simple insecurity on their part, or maybe a cultural thing about how to project masculinity, I honestly don't know.

This girl was enjoying our conversation but in the end she switched tables and went with those guys.  Perhaps because she seemed to already know them a little from her course (she probably didn't dig the idea of returning home). 

During the whole conversation these guys would say "Oh my friend is coming", so I was like "sure, I'll stick around till he gets here".  Or they would give me "We want to talk alone" if two guys hitting on one girl is ever gonna work out (they aren't really thinking about the logistics of the situation I suppose, unless they are so good at Game that their strategy extents to the odd two-guy one-girl thing).  In the end these guys got up to leave, I kept talking and telling them about an event I had coming (pivoting in my seat to talk, not standing up).

I met more odd resistance as well as when the guys left; the one guy who was hedged in because I was sitting at the open end of the table would not simply walk past me, he wanted me to get up and let him out (he had plenty of room to wiggle by).  In the end he did wiggle by.

I guess in retrospect I am happy in that guys at least perceive me as a threat now and not as some random guy.  On the other hand I feel I've gone down the mountain and re-gressed, but I suppose that is a necessary step in climbing up to the next peak.  Motivation, don't leave me now!
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