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I'm currently staying over at a friend of mine's place for a few days.  This is someone that is much more well versed in pick-up and has a significant amount of experience over me.  In fact it would be accurate to say that this guy introduced me to pick-up.

I've known him for over two years.  When I first met him he was hitting on every girl left, right and centre.  So at least his play-ethic was there.  For one reason or another though, he came off as creepy.  When I saw him on the dancefloor last night I saw a changed man; replete with a girl on his arm.

Speaking of the dancefloor.  I was ON it.  I've always avoided the dancefloor.  It isn't because I can't dance, because quite frankly few people actually can.  More that I was terribly self-concious of myself before.  Last night I was clammed up at the beginning.  Hands in pockets.  Mind in a terrible state.  Then my friend stood behind me and did the strangest thing; he started moving me to the music as if I were a string puppet.  Around a half hour later of stopping and starting I eventually got into it and was actually dissapointed that we had to leave!  Now, I have to admit to myself that I was drunk.  However that was the case even at the very beginning so maybe the alcohol wasn't part of the equation?  In any case, like some crazed-scientist I will have to replicate this experiment; this time without alcohol.  The best part of this is that I can be in this kind of environment now.  That means my social being as well as my 'field' has expanded several fold.

My PU buddies gave me valuable prods that evening too.  For instance I grabbed a girl and brought her over to our group (she wanted to dance but seemed to be there alone).  After I did so they told me to dance in the centre of the cirlce our group had made.  At first I didn't know why.  Then I looked at her and realised something; she was signalling for me to come over and dance with HER now.  wow.

We also did some interesting things earlier the morning prior to that.  My friend and I were at the airport with time to kill.  So we got some card and wrote "You're cute" and on the reverse we wrote "Can I get your number?".  We showed this sign to countless numbers of people.  We got laughs from many of the girls we showed it too.  One girl was even in a conversation with two guys, so she couldn't talk to us, but she DID smile back with her eyes.  It was nice knowing that just by flicking that sign we'd made someone's day.  Heck we even showed it to other guys and got some really comical reactions.  The best was showing the sign to other people with signs and watching as they looked back with a mixture of confusion of playful curiosity.

All in all, for half a day I feel this 'amateur bootcamp' of sorts has opened me up to all sorts of new possibilities,  I can't wait to see what the next few days hold for me.   Updates will come as developments happen.
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