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Hi guys, this blog isn't so much about change in character with regards to pick-up as it is about change in life-circumstances:  Tomorrow I fly out of England to India, where I will work for the next few years.  As if that isn't a big enough change it will also be my first time as a working adult and I will finally once again have the chance to live away from my parents.  Of course this will offer me many chances for growth, that and being in an environment where no-one knows me means no pressure to conform to a concept of myself that someone else has created.  In a way it is like being born anew.

Of course the different cultural rules and expectations will impact pick-up.  For some reason I get the feeling that things are going to work perfectly in my favour.  It is baseless assumption for sure, but I feel a lot better going in feeling like things are going to work out rather than going to pieces over it.  From now on this blog will double as a pick-up and personal growth blog, this will include revelations I will have about myself, and what I learn about the foreign.
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