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I've been watching the Real Natural stuff recently.  Two concepts are explained within it.  The concept of Wooo! and that of Intent.  Wooo!(tm) a just being a plain high energy fun guy and Intent being the masculine intent to pull a woman in.

Over the last few weeks I've basically forgotten to close almost everyone I talk to.  However on the plus side that funny side of me has had some real development.

I went to a prom a few days ago in the nicest tux and shiniest shoes I could afford.  I was surprised that after 4 years of university that I knew most of the people there.  It was a big slap in the face that told me "You don't suck! You've made good with this many people!".  Anyway, that whole day I was in an incredibly good mood.

For starters I was walking to town and walked past people who were handing out flyers for this and that.  I took some flyers off some guys without really thinking about it.  I then noticed some girls handing out flyers to something else just a few metres ahead.  I walked straight into the centre of them and took some flyers off them, but then thrust the flyers I had just picked up into their hands.  They call squealed in a way that I took to mean "Oh! What cheek!" and then they giggled; this is good.  The is precisely the nutty i-don't-give-a-shit-how-awkward-this-is type of humour that is unique to myself.  It's not an act; it's me.

That night at the prom I continued to impress myself.  I met a girl I hadn't seen in a while and shook her hand, then her wrist, then in quick succession I grabbed her just below the elbow, at the elbow and so on; basically reeling her in.  She gave me the same reaction as the flyer girls.

I also roped in another girl that I knew, she spun on her heel and feel on her arse.  She got up all dishevelled (her hair afterwards was hilarious) and then punched me in the arm in good humour.  It seems that I can get away with anything when I so damn present.

There were series of events big and large that happened all night that basically re-affirmed how awesome I am capable of being at times.
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shit dude. HOW do you keep this playful attitude? i always end up looking like a dick
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It does appear to be state-dependant.  Meaning the question is 'how do you get into state?'  

For me being in a really good mood gives me state.  I can manufacture this state (to an extent) by listening to music that is generally postive and upbeat (Jamiroquai "Canned Heat", Oasis "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?", Guns n Roses "Sweet Child O Mine".  And anything that makes me laugh from Tenacious D).  I find state itself is generally self-perpetuating; if you get away with some funny shit then that simply begets you growing bigger balls and putting yourself out there more. 

That day I just happened to be in a good mood because I was looking forward to the prom rather than concerned about it.  Normally social gatherings like that (and one with people DANCING!) no less, are a source of great mental stress for me, but for whatever reason, that night I didn't have any of that.

I suppose the simple (and somewhat stupid sounding) answer is "be happy!"...
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