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Speak to have the last laugh is always right PK history unit. Twenty years ago, a young workers and Shenzhen station group together Kangshang corn 150 pounds, at the age of 33 to pack and move in to put his stamp of migrant workers and people look different big folio cover 32 biography.

He is the king. However, at that time, an Sandals18-year-old boy without hesitation, and already in rural housing in dogs is called him to face it head on Maize for carrying electrical repair shop downstairs.

The pie was hit, heaven

1983, 32 years old.

He was anxious. In the private ownership and the same ambition hard work of Julian French novels, the "red carry the nest Ministry of foreign economic and Trade Commission Guangdong reading, English learning, working all day. But he 20081113 mediocre performance. His performance is very wonderful stage after grinding, however, did not think of when and how he is.

In the spring, but living in Guangzhou in Shenzhen attend to rural socialist education movement of his father, king of clubs, the couple visited my father a little earlier pair rustic farmers not only between the couple, in light of production Gree came Taiwan jacket have a native of husband and wife big hot Karl: their bodies, "?? Western-style. This must be said: more sparkle to the Shenzhen, what happened in the end? Going to see the king.

In 1983, the life of the king on May 7, an important marker. On this day, he Guangzhou Shenzhen train arrived on the Shenzhen. He Shenzhen huge construction site, see when she gave birth to a great chance of this dusty land. In the home, fear, excitement, sweaty palms, which will be there.

So, all natural began

First, Shenzhen Special Economic Development Corporation (idiopathic).

However, it is unknown whether or not.

One day, the king went to the road, looking at the back of the stand can store some of the corn. The joint venture company - Hiroyasu Jia continental grain production companies company in Shenzhen and poultry feed and will need a lot of maize. The United States, the Thailand Guangdong Province, Northeast China from corn to ask, oh, did not produce the corn. To solve the traffic, so this is not from the Northeast shipped directly from the northeast.

The mysterious fate of good luck.

He found to Hiroyasu, he says that it is possible to solve the transport, he can organize, you want to do? .

To! You can directly enter into a contract! .

First, a single large one.

However, he didn't know Shenzhen between Tohoku and transport in the situation, he is a great temptation to bite the bullet and the like.

Two, three, and then asked to determine Guangzhou maritime shipping agency.

Therefore, the corn.

The spontaneous feed company is now trading group leader, independent accounting.

Up corn food groups, need a crew. Downstairs in the radio assembly plant, thin and small young man pulled out, like a child, he was right, he was called King's first employee Li Xiaoping.

A business transaction is the first 30 tons of corn.

King of the motorcycle back seat, two stripe plastic pocket folder, go to the chicken.

"I came to collect the money. He raised his hand to the former chicken company manager.

It is the invoice? Asked the manager.

The bill, the king asked, embarrassed, but he soon more evidence of receipt, or do not believe.

The king in the company, Zhang said the Ministry of finance, "give me the evidence of payment! .

In the accounting of Jinan university graduates, college tuition payment proof do not understand.

You wrote the man how much money, I'll prove it here. In the row. .

So Sally, while that of Hugh never pulled the evidence. In addition, the financial section.
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