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For some reason I have been posting on RSDN more and more, so I decided to write a blog. I dunno how well this is going to be maintained, though...

RSDN is the only PU messageboard I post on, although I am very interested in learning a lot of different styles of game. Like most guys, I learned about the pickup community through The Game, so I have studied "Mystery's" style of game before. I still dig it, even though it is COMPLETE GDIOFD%$%4 BULLSHIT, or something, from the perspectives of a lot of natural-game people. I want to be like Neil Strauss--or at least how he presents himself in his book--learning from everyone who has something to teach. Oh, yeah. Bruce Lee was like that too.

I am going to start posting field reports soon. This game is about going out and experimenting, not staying in and theorizing.

I signed up for RSDN when I was reading The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man, by David Maurer. Interesting book. The movie The Sting is based heavily off it. At the time I was reading the book, I saw a lot of parallels between con and pickup. Not that picking a chick up is the same as taking a touch off a mark. Or even that pickup necessarily involves deception. However, a successful con goes through several inevitable stages to reach its terminus, and so does a successful pickup. Some of the stages in a con even overlap with the stages in a pickup. A con is even called a "game." There is even a community of con men, and they even give themselves nicknames (really, aliases), which is a lot like what happens in this community. A lot of young guys were called things like "The Missouri Kid" or "The Oklahoma Kid," so I am "The Arkansas Kid," since I am from Arkansas.

Until next time. Mahalo.
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