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Why the FUCK am I on my computer at 1:03 AM? Because I did not FUCK tonight. I went out, though. I went to a local tavern, and it cost $5 to get in, and when I got in, I found that it was full of old people. The median age had to have been 40. Seriously. What the FUCK? I forgot that going out on the weekend means risking hanging out with geriatrics. If you go out on a weekday, you are pretty sure to find only young people, since old people have weak bones and can't stay out late if they have work in the morning, or something. Nevertheless, amid those toothless geezers, there WAS a handful of young, nubile females at my local tavern tonight. I did not approach them. FUCK! That was chickenshit, I think. I can tell myself that they were not hot or something (and they weren't hot), but whatever. However, I really would have done better with a wing. I was flying solo, kind of like Maverick after Goose died. I am going to drag my friend Stephen out tomorrow night. He is an average frustrated chump, but he is gonna back me up or I am gonna throw him overboard. Then he and I are going to take to our homes hot babes and fuck them. Such is the vision I have, at any rate.

I just noticed that I capitalized "fuck" a lot. What the FUCK does that mean?
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For some reason I have been posting on RSDN more and more, so I decided to write a blog. I dunno how well this is going to be maintained, though...

RSDN is the only PU messageboard I post on, although I am very interested in learning a lot of different styles of game. Like most guys, I learned about the pickup community through The Game, so I have studied "Mystery's" style of game before. I still dig it, even though it is COMPLETE GDIOFD%$%4 BULLSHIT, or something, from the perspectives of a lot of natural-game people. I want to be like Neil Strauss--or at least how he presents himself in his book--learning from everyone who has something to teach. Oh, yeah. Bruce Lee was like that too.

I am going to start posting field reports soon. This game is about going out and experimenting, not staying in and theorizing.

I signed up for RSDN when I was reading The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man, by David Maurer. Interesting book. The movie The Sting is based heavily off it. At the time I was reading the book, I saw a lot of parallels between con and pickup. Not that picking a chick up is the same as taking a touch off a mark. Or even that pickup necessarily involves deception. However, a successful con goes through several inevitable stages to reach its terminus, and so does a successful pickup. Some of the stages in a con even overlap with the stages in a pickup. A con is even called a "game." There is even a community of con men, and they even give themselves nicknames (really, aliases), which is a lot like what happens in this community. A lot of young guys were called things like "The Missouri Kid" or "The Oklahoma Kid," so I am "The Arkansas Kid," since I am from Arkansas.

Until next time. Mahalo.
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