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"Live life in accordance to your intentions and you will construct a life that is unique and specific to you; the life you were meant to live. Live a life in accordance to your fears and your life will be a generic collection of what ifs”. Basically what it means is that if you listen to your desires and allow your intuition to guide you, you will get results that are congruent with what's going on inside of you. Your life situation will be one that you can fully CLAIM as your OWN because it is based on decisions that YOU made by following YOUR internal compass, and every thing that happened was a result of YOUR UNIQUE POWER OF EXISTANCE.

If you act in a way that is not fully congruent with what's going on deep down in your very fibers how much can you really say that the life your living is your own? Even if you avoid some “bad” results can you truly be happy knowing that you missed out on a piece of your life that was entitled to you; a unique piece that you could have used to grow and to create a glorious experience. I find it much more empowering to know that even if I mess up the consequences that I get to deal with are ones that I earned based on the MY INTENTIONS.

I say forget about trying to formulate and orchestrate every detail in your life. I say focus on taking control of whom you are and letting your actions and decisions be fully rooted in your core, then all the results will take care of themselves. That’s all I can really do. Life is uncertain, but I can make sure I am who I want to be and what ever happens from there is another UNIQUE piece in the story of MY life.

To live a life lead by my internal compass, my desires, my intentions, is to write the story that only I can, the story of MY life that comes from the depths of my being, from the very same indescribable energy that flows through me and gives me life. When I think of that it really drives me to act on my intentions and follow my core because no matter what happens, I am building MY LIFE. "Good results" or "Bad results" they are the stones that are vital to creating the unique masterpiece that is my life.

It truly is a spectacular power that we have; the power to shape our life by our actions. Allow YOUR LIFE to flow out from the depths of your soul and you can know YOU LIVED.



P.S.  I recomend you read this along with my other blog entry, "A logical argument for not thinking" because I feel they tie in very will together and each gives eachother a little more meaning.
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