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“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
~Kurt Cobain~

       Finished out the semester and sorted out some personal stuff so now I have had more time to resume my series on the 5 virtues of game.  The topic of this issue is the virtue of Integrity.  First off what is integrity?  This virtue is probably the hardest for me to explain because it is hard to define exactly what I mean by integrity.  Integrity is the quality of adhering to a high standard of personal conduct and honesty.  It is having standards for yourself that dictate how you act.  Someone with solid integrity knows who they are.  They know what is acceptable behavior from them self and others.  They are honest to the world in that they are true to them self.  It is genuineness, and being outwardly congruent with what you are inside.  All together, to have high integrity is to say... 

       “This is who I am, and this is what I think and feel.  These are the standards that I hold myself to no matter what is going on outside of me, therefore my outward actions are a reflection of my internal self.” 

       When one has integrity, they follow their core and let their intentions lead them.  In a previous article of mine I talked about the importance of living by your own intentions.  Basically when you live with integrity you feel what you want deep down to your core, and because you know who you are, and you live by your standards, you pursue it.  With out integrity you are just at the mercy of the world around you.  You have no inner drive and code of conduct that says “No matter what happens, this is who I am.”  Because this is internal, only you have control over it, and therefore when you are faced with outside resistance or obstacles you can stand strong and be rooted in yourself.

       What does this all have to do with pick-up?  When you see some fine honeys your core reaction is “Hot girls. I want that!”  After that you may or may not approach her.  If have integrity you will go with your core and decide “Ok because I think she is cute I will go talk to her.”  Because you have integrity you are fully congruent with your core intentions.  If you lack integrity you may decide “Well I want her but, I don’t want to get rejected, get embarrassed, not know what to say, seem weird, ect...”  You get the idea.  Some one without integrity lacks that connection that turns intent to action.  You feel one thing but you do another, you have no integrity.

       In addition if you have integrity you have boundaries and standards for others.  This is very attractive.  If you hand over control of your life to a girl or anyone for that matter and let them dictate your values and thus decisions, you hand over your power and burden others because you can't take care of yourself let alone a girl.  

       Integrity keeps you on your path and a man of value knows where he is going in life.  He has a path and a strong reality.  Women can count on him to be a strong rock to hang onto in times of turbulence so she can embrace her feminine energy.  This is what makes integrity important.

       There's no real special exercise to strengthen integrity.  You just do it (just like Nike's moto).  Follow your core, have integrity, and know who you are and what you want and believe. Some times it helps to write these things down so you can solidify them.
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