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        Thanksgiving is coming around the corner so what a better time to strengthen your gratitude.  Gratitude and appreciation as stated earlier is what gives one an abundance mindset.  This makes you break attachment to outcomes, and allows you to approach any interaction with a feeling of contentment.  Gratitude is the cure for neediness and pain.  

         Love what you have.  I guarantee that if you take a step back and look at your life you can find tons of things to he grateful for.  You are able to read this so Im assuming that you have properly functioning eyes unlike the thousands of blind people in the world.  You have a computer, and a home so Im guessing you have the means to fulfill your basic needs of food water and shelter.  Hey you woke up this morning and saw that you were above ground so hey your fucking ALIVE!  Be thankful; everyday you wake up is a good day.  Look at how all your basic needs are fulfilled and how lucky you are to have all the amenities that you have.  Wealth is wanting what you have, it is not always having what you want.  In addition happiness is a chemical reaction that takes place in your brain.  The ability to be happy is already built into your biology, you decide when you use it by deciding how you want to interpret things.    
Now that you see how much you really have, ask your self “Do I really NEED anything else?”  You don’t NEED anything or any one!  Your cup is already full!  If you are able to cover your basic needs of food water and shelter, you are set.  Everything else you need to be happy and to have an enjoyable life is inside of you.  No person or external thing can do anything to increase your ability to feel happiness, because as I said earlier that is already built into your brain.

         Make a habit that every morning you wake up ask your self what you are thankful for.  Come up with at least 10 things.  Do just go through the motions either.  Really think about would life would be like with out these things.  Really feel the appreciation for your 10 things and let that feeling sit for a while.  In addition do this before you go to bed.  What were you thankful for that day?  Now when ever you approach a girl, think to your self “Do I NEED this girl?  What do I already have in my life that I happy about?  Can not having her some how take that away from me?”  “Sure it would be nice to have her but hey if not, it’s not really a big deal, I already have everything I need to be happy.”

         Have fun with your new attitude of gratitude, and see how much happier you are knowing that you have so much.  Also see the results you get when you approach knowing that you already have what you need to be happy.


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