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         So has it occurred to anyone else that being attractive to women has less to do with being good with women, and more to do with being an awesome human being?  This is the idea that got me to move away from any form of tactics and techniques.  It even directed me away from things like trying to be an alpha male and what not.  I began to read up on things that would just help me become a better human being and had nothing to do with picking up women, and I created distinctions that opened my eyes to seeing some basic virtues that everyone should cultivate.  Through some contemplation things started to come together and I realized that everything that is attractive comes back down to these virtues.  By cultivating these virtues you can fix any problem you have with women, or any other facet of your life for that matter.  The following are the 5 virtues and what they translate to regarding game.  
5 Sacred Virtues of Game/Life 

1.)  Gratitude / appreciation = Abundance Mindset    

2.)  Presence / Consciousness = Not giving a fuck

3.)  Integrity = Following your core / having balls

4.)  Compassion = Giving value

5.)  Discipline = Right action

        Any problem or sticking point you have can be solved by strengthening 1 or more of these virtues.  These virtues work just the same as muscles.  As you condition them with practice they become stronger.  To build muscle you create tears in the muscle fibers by making them work against resistance, than you fill in those tears with protein that you obtain from your diet.  Increasing the strength of these virtues works in a similar way.  First you create tears in your old habits of ways of thinking and acting.  This is done by doing certain actions that break down weak parts of your current reality and ego so that you can rebuild it with stronger beliefs.  In this metaphor new empowering beliefs represent the protein that is used as the building material to expand and strengthen your virtues and create a more empowered reality.  If you went to the gym and lifted heavily and didn’t give your body the protein and nutrients that it needed to repair its self you would just be wasting your time.  Similarly if you try to force yourself into situations that break down old beliefs, but don’t feed yourself with new ones, you will just leave yours self with pain and uncertainty. 
         In following articles I will delve deeper into each of these virtues explaining more of what each one exactly means so that you will be provided with the understanding and beliefs that make growth possible and I will give you some exercises/activities to help condition you these virtues.  But until then just meditate on the idea that being an attractive to women comes down simply to being an awesome person.  Instead of being a “pick up artist” you are now a Virtuous Warrior of Life.     


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