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Whaz up, Im Bobi and im 17 years old.Im from Bulgaria, Sofia.One really beautiful and nice city with really beautiful girls.My first 'touch' with pick up was before 6 months with MM and I started to learn routines like 'The Cube',ESP tests, palm reading.I bought The Game from STYLE and i red it for 3 days and it was really inspiring how Style and more others have changed their lifestyles and became more successful.But I want to be more natural, i approached one girl in a disco club and in one moment i was like whats next ?? what to say and i say just it was nice to meet you and i walked away.Now I'm watching Flawless Natural and i really like it.After that i will watch Blueprint cuz from time to time my inner game sux a little.Thats from me for now. 
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