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Submission, Mmos, Archery, jujutsu, Microexpressins, novels, Movies, music
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katy perry - sorry guys she kept me alive these past two years, Within temptation, tactical skelt, Muse, Paramore, the list goes on - im eclectic and love soundtrack music
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West wing, NCIS original vanilla, Vamp Diaries ( purely for Deomon oogling), true blood, the guild, game of thrones
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Hunger games, hoping the hell they make 50 shades with Daemon being Grey
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atm 50 shades of grey tril, Game of Thrones,Hunger games... so many books in one story lol

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ok so...Submission - you have read the latest kink of 50 Shades of Grey and your thinking of it arent you....

In the late winter of 2010 i decided to undergo Rp - i wanted to endeavour submission in a safe environment to try being a submissive in a game or role play in text.

To me - this was the easiest way i could try it and see if submission was for me - in a chat site called IMVU - i was very quickly caught into some amazing and incredibly intelligent writers in a vampire coven where i became a submissive "Blood Doll" for a General who bought me off my friend at the time (made up base story) as she was fed up with me being too goody too shoes. i fell very fast for this Master who was an exquisite Dom overall - had over 9 pets - but turned out to be a very violent/woman hating Dom - it taught me there are 2 types of Doms very fast.

Ones that mindfuck you into submission ( sorry for swear words)- that includes violence and the 2nd kind - the kind coercive who actually knows how to entice you to stay with treats and gifts of His attention and special quality time.

i'll tell you now - the kind coercive ones are keepers - Always be very careful when meeting your Master or potential Master. Find out how they invite you in - talk with them a lot before you throw yourself into any contract or time with them - make them show you what they do and why and how much He wants you - not the other way around.

Not everyone is Christian Grey - many have read this trilogy thinking they will find a Master in the thrill of the kink and just get Grey, smothered in riches and treats like Ana gets. Chances are slim and rare and i mean that with great respect to other Masters and Mistresses as im sure there are true diamonds out there, but not everyone is Christian Grey and this is a hard lesson learnt.

However - a lot of Masters find abuse is the key to coerce and threaten you into submission to come back. Hearing "You will do this or......." should rarely if ever leave the Masters lips.. This is not pleasure - do not ever sign yourself into a contract saying He is allowed to hurt you for HIs continuous pleasure and you cannot ever say no to Him. You are allowed safety words and you are allowed to walk away and seek medical/marshal care if you have been pushed past your boundary.

This is after all a dangerous art - both for your body and your mind.

For me these are rules i made when deciding to become a sub.
i was psychologically tested in 2010 with a special test called the CO test. In nearly all cases tested - many come out with a 60% (Dom) - 40% (sub) swing. Whilst being at work or at home you switch to accomodate lifestyle needs like people pushing inlibe to work being a CEO or at home with your family. This of course varies in every individual...
me... im 13% Dom and i do not have the potential/capability to swing to that 13% - i was bred this way ( not from abuse per se, this is just how i am) and over the years it has pushed out a rare kind of sub - called a super submissive. Something i now embrace
Overall there are less than 13% of the worlds population that are true super subs and i MUST make some boundaries to protect myself from that kind of coercion. Please understand being a submissive let alone a super sub as being merely "naive" or "gullible"- most subs have a lot of intelligence, commitment, self-control and self preservation in a relationship like this. And, over all the one true factor: The pet has ALL the control in this contract.... a realk submissive knows this power and grace and uses it to recieve the pleasure she needs off her Master.

These are the considerations i have followed when choosing a Master

- never negotiate your hard lines. They are your rules - breaking them breaks your relationship immediately.
- always remember the pet has all the power- if shes hurt too much she has EVERY right to just get up and go if you have a smart Dominant, He /she will know how to entice you to stay with treats and pleasure as rewards that make you feel utterly alive and elated.
- find a Master who knows how to treat you properly if you surprise them with rare Master pleasures (so many Masters don't find this attractive and dont like the pet touching them out of Law - but something a Master may want to look into as it can help train a new pet dramatically fast once you begin to treat them) maybe set one room it can be done in if the Master refuses to be touched.
- a binding contract only really is - "im letting you do what you want to my body at your pleasure " she can at ANY time just get up and walk away. Do not let anyone take your mind from your body with abuse. Doesn't matter how nice it feels - if you hurt afterwards inside - you have to rethink this now.
- Masters love keeping the ball in their court - remember you will always be left wanting more that is how they function ( this can drive a sub off the wall nuts if you have a lazy Master or a Master that has lots of pets)
- if you get jealous you may have a problem - especially if you don't like Master considering/observing other pets/ sharing with other Masters or even having other pets or slaves himself - you will not change that choice for Him - don't even negotiate this - its only His decision. And if you try to change it- get "rid" of other pets - ill guarantee you'll be the one without a Master immediately. Masters do not tolerate jealousy off pets ever - youll be out on your ear and branded as a bad pet. dont go there- seriously!
- the first few days of being in their control you will begin to "break" this can be done from emotional acceptance you may begin to even fall for Him, or this can be a physical thing you will let Him push you or they will announce you are being broken that night and officially "Claimed".
- consider if you can handle being broken or claimed. It is the hardest thing i went through - one Master did it and i ended up with PTSD from having my cervix torn and He rolled over and left me to bleed out. breaking is not a rape... ok - face up to a Master and do not let them just out right you into submission. He must hold up His end of the deal and care and bond with you as soon as you have been broken. this is how He gets to keep you and prove this is worth your while.
- think very hard about being physically broken and discuss this FIRST with your Master before you do it. Let Him know what submitting is -- is it words? - the struggle ends? or something that shows you let him win and you have just passed your absolute limit - don't just let Him have free reign to you till you are bleeding and unconscious, stapled and a nipple pierced with a safety pin and you cannot even crawl to a phone to get an ambulance while he snores away in ignorance - ( this happened to me and the guy ended up being reported to police for ignoring both safety words).
- make a contract binding for 3 months probation
- make 2 ( TWO) safety words like in 50 Shades- trust me 2 makes the difference to tolerance and bonding and feeling a closeness you have never felt before - to waking up the next day HATING His face and tearing up a contract cos you feel utterly violated and you feel raped and disgusting.
- make another Contract once you have established the feeling of intimacy and understanding that a Dominant and Pet begin to feel (definitely a Grey thing I liked)
- new pets need guidance- ask for a room or common meeting place where you are their fully in control as His pet so you can adjust to this lifestyl
- my Master wanted 24/7 - sorry as a new pet - all the time every room - that messes with your mind so much its horrid - you can always expand that boundary as time moves into more confidence with them.

The fifty shades of Submissive is a real thing. and you will know where you start. For me know im 01 super submissive white/grey LOL. i even write submissive ( lol if you haven't noticed- textually anything pertaining to me is not even capitalised - and reflections of Master and Him always is capitalised)

Pets can be many types from ignorant and pretend they have no clue to bratty- or completely disobedient all the way to fully obedient.. Always remember yourself- do not loose who you are- if you feel that beginning to crack your inner nature apart- you have to stop. I almost suicided over being a pet - you can get very bound to your Master - that leaving them can you. Its more than a broken heart - you are utterly abandoned and you feel a loneliness like NOTHING you have ever felt.
If you are sensitive - you MUST ( cant stress this enough) MUST tell your Master in the contract for a "soft release" meaning a gradual release or onsold to someone else of similar or like nature- get your Master to help you find a new Master- keeping your relationship mutual and civil - you may even remain friends with your previous Master this way. if he cares - He will negotiate this to you.

i say this cos being a Super Sub - i was devastated on being uncollared and released- i swear i almost walked under a bus. It took 2 years to feel strong enough for a new Master. But thank god i did because i discovered a natural Dominant and He is my Christian Grey. He is beautiful in every sense of the word.
Being a submissive means learning about your limits boundaries and who you are very deep down. Being a pet is NOT being rubber band'd into latex and watching some guy in a gas mask probe you like your a beetle chained and cut up and burned - that is kitsch and not what its all about ( very few people actually do that now. Domination and submission has changed so much over the years)- some may want that - or like that- and that is fine. you even may want some serious hard core things - this is only about your limits. ( watch "A Dangerous Method" - about the psyche of BDSM and the studies of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud on this subject- you may be surprised how this is ingrained into our own primitive nature of "Capture Bonding" and why we are drawn to true BDSM even in its very simplistic forms). Its a natural and primitive desire to be wanted or even controlled this way. i bet your grining thinking is that why i liked being smacked on the butt during it... youd be surprised hun...... you may also want to research why some countries like BDSM more than others.. That too is an incredible read

I however -- that is not me and not what Master wishes of me. If anything its elegant and refined.- being a sub is a hugely spiritual thing or me - in the moments i feel im breaking or being enticed or pushed gently with my current Master the silence just falls around me and i feel my true nature - its pure and light and i feel completely loved and safe.. This is pure trust.

-But its after the feeling of Him caring for me makes a bond that i feel surpasses any marriage or blood creed. Tis is what a pet mostly thrives on. My Master has proven my trust for Him so many times - He knows my soul He touches it every single moment He is with me - and not with pain.. He does it with control and limits and sheer pleasure.

In honour to Master Eulogy - thank you for al the beautiful things you bestow on me

forever in Masters Service
I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours and please be safe and careful to your soul
- don't give it away for any spiritual adventure - hold it close and grow.
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