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Wednesday nite
Went out for a couple of hours with a buddy who has pretty good game.
I am out of town this weekend ,so I wanted to get some approaches in for the week...rolled into a club and walked around a bit and then opened a couple of sets with direct hand of god approach...went ok but short sets....then I winged my buddy for about 20 mins while he warmed his target...I was talking to her friend who was nice but had bad breath and she was in town to learn all my jokes went over her head...not really her fault....but talk about tough...anyway we moved blown out a few times....then I started to get into my head....stuff like "why a I here, it's too loud here...I m too old to be in this club..etc etc....
I don't know if anyone experiences these kind of thoughts who is in the game and are older would be welcome from anyone reading this....
Continued on and did a few more approaches and then around midnight went home....all in all...I probably did more than 5 approaches during the evening but I m just counting the rest of them were flaky or weren't very strong on my part....also did some street sets but nothing to really write about
I was having a hard time building attraction or interest tonight
When I watch the videos..I get really physique d about walking in like a boss but I can't seem to implement that in the club


Act like a boss
Be present
Stay out my mind
Be free from outcome
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Went on with wing a three other guys...did some social pressure drills in the pouring rain..went into a club and just chilled for a while,waiting for it to get busy,so just had a beer and chilled for a little bit.
Approached a 3/4 set and had a little bit of a conversation before her friend came in and clock blocked then she started to open was kind of funny...then the other friends grabbed her and left....talked to some friends in the club and then we all went into another club...took a little while to get used to the club for some reason ...approached some more sets 2sets..3sets ....etc....I got blown out of all of them and or the conversation just died,started to think that my verbs weren't very good or my interest level just wasn't there....not sure what it was.....then was just chilling and some idiot on the balcony poured beer on the people downstairs.....just got soaked...felt like going home but just stayed in the club and decided to plow....dried off a little and then approached a couple more sets....again nothing stuck...started to feel a little awkward being in that club.
Went to another club with my wing..and reproached a girl but my body position wasn't good and got blown out. .....was frustrated but kept thinking it's just a process...left the club as it was dying down...went searching for a busy bar...went to 2 or 3 other bars ....most were closing or empty......finally found a bar that was busy, so went in and decided to have a beer with my wing and just chill at the bar.....debriefed at the bar, when I saw this I am sitting at the bar stool and I just turned on the stool and put out "hand of god" with piercing eye contact and she comes over to me ...( it was very cool)
and I start to get physical and have a conversation with hi/lo emotions and just playing ..she has a solid bf..but I didn't care..I just wanted to prove to myself that I have good conversation skills.....funny thing happen with this girl....I had a very solid frame and was leading but somehow she stole my frame and before I knew she was leading and then she blew me out.....later I am like
Then another girl come by to order a drink and she says "hi" I run some good verbals on her before her friends take her's now around 3.30 am and my wing has already gone home that was how the nite ended

Don't doubt
Follow the process
Stronger body position
My verbals are fine
Persevered throughout the nite
Always man to women
More eye contact

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went out with my wing with a 4/5 guys..i cant even remember...did social pressure drills for about an hour or so...then went into a bar ..wasn't busy about  3or 4 sets in the bar,which the other guys did ...then went into another bar ..again wasn't very busy...ended up talking to a couple of girls but wouldn't count that as a set...ended the nite early after a debrief by my wing...
didn't really open a set
stayed in state
didn't focus on my shit

went out with 5 other guys..did social pressure drills in the soaking rain ..braved throught the rain ..stayed in state and just perservered .....went into a club...and did some more drills inside the club...approached a girl and  I was physical right away ..had a good interaction,got her laughing and tried to prolong the interaction but she had to go find her friends....walked around the club for a while...state was going up and down, started to get in my head ...decided to go to another club...then just said to myself more approach before i leave.....approached this hot girl and gave the hand of god and just cut the space and grabbed her real close...tried the love/hate interaction and it was going well..then here younger brother  and girlfriend came in and cblocked..had .found out earlier that she was leaving town in the morning..?...anyway got her number and tried to venue change....but she didn't want to leave her I said we should meet up later..she said "i cant promise anything" i knew that it might not happen..but went through the process...txt her reply...did some street approaches on the way to another into another club blown out a few times..state was fading but still stayed in the club and tried to get back in state...not sure if it this time it's 2.45 called it a night.....
forgot a lot of things in the club
wasn't the "playful shark"
not enough approaches
too much time in between sets
not having freedom from out come
the sets i approached went terms of physical game
take more risks
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Got started a little early to get into a club on a staurday nite....went out and did some social drills in a very loud envoirment on the street..difficult but got throught it and state was very high...did some street warm up drills for about  half hour..then headed to a bar....did some drills inside the bar and then got started to a mixed physical right away and held her hand almost the whole time (no  attraction here)but  went through the process....opened another set, got good coversation going but she had to go with her friends..was trying hi/lo blownout of a couple of sets...waited for my wing to get # ..then left bar..we were doing zig zag..hi/lo went on the street did a few walking sets..then went into the club.....did a dance floor drill...and got blown  out all 3 sets on the dance floor...state went real low..and felt very creepy.....i was looking for an out come and was taking value..not giving value and having fun...left the club with my wing..he could feel that it was not working for me..(this is where a good wing is so important)..did some chill game on the street got back into state after I open a good set on the street..just had fun and was physical with one of the girls in the 3 set.on the street....was dying to get back in the club and redeem my self..wanted to end the nite on a was just after 2 am  when we got back in the club..just went on the floor and open a girl and got physical and used the claw (not for long but it didn't matter.....process..process...process.....then just chilled with the other guys in club...approached a very sexy girl and vibed with her for a little bit....found out she was a lesbian...not bi..and her gf was somewhere in the club..oh well that's how it not a bad night..went through a few highs and a few low'sbut tried to excute most of the nite......learned that if its not going well ...just  step out of the club ..for a few mins and press "restart" and continue.....tried to be the playful shark the whole nite...worked for most of the nite
BE THE PLAYFUL new mantra
follow the process
push..push ..push
more approaches
step out of the club (to restart)
more physical for longer
give value
be free fromoutcome
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Awesome nite out ...started the nite with fear techonlogy discussion for an hour then on to the street for social pressure drills with wings.. a couple of them I had done but there was another one that was hard to do on a busy street...state was going up and down... but perservered then went into the club did a couple of dance floor drills...missed 1 drill where i had to lift a girl...will be working on that one.....then zig zaged on to the street and did some street game...had a great set with a club her card and met her latter on and she got us into another attraction with her but a great connection....did some more street game then later went into theother club...i was approaching a lot...about 6 or 7 sets...had good interactions and was trying to create emotional hi/lo for the girl..some of it worked...because i belived but a couple didn't work or i didn't stay inset long enough or I had poor body positioning....more things to workon and push forward with....ended the nite at around 2 am and have a couple of beers and just chilled inthe club....saw a really hot girl and i could tell she had a bf but still  got up to talk her..i just had to all in all a good nite of approaching but nothing to write home about.. as a lot of the videos say....just focus on the process and trust that it works and the results will come(pun intended)..... and I had a lot of i am going with that...over ond out till later
stay in set longer
get physical faster / quicker
push it and play to win
be the playful shark..i love that
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went out last nite with my wing.....did a few solid approaches picked by my wing..3 really good approaches with great verbal game and good connection real issue on approaching ..was smooth and was vibing...but need more physical game and more emotion...up and down... in blown of in a couple of sets ..realized that my body position was not very good in those value
Things to work on this weekend
more physical
more emotional vibing
better approach positioning..meaning stand like an oak tree
Brads video .."playful shark"..its a great video about being playful...want to try this as I am getting ready to go out

"I am a playful shark"
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Went out last night for a couple of hours
Did a few drills with my wing(Ozzie bootcamp drills)
Won't go into detail on this blog but needless to say they were social pressure drills outside and then some street sets..not many people out last night,so we went into the club and did hi pressure on the dance floor and lo pressure away from the dance floor
Opened a mixed set on the dance floor and one with two positive responses but nothing much to write about but went through the process
Opened a set away from the some vibe going but her sister pulled her away...
It felt like....I was going thorough the process and did the drills inside and outside the club but no really into it.....reminded me of going to the gym just so you can meet your commitment but no really into it
But this morning ,I was proud because I did it without getting into my head too much..maybe a little before we left the club....but I did it.....until next time
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End of  Week 3
Should have posted this earlier (but was out of town on sat) details a bit sketchy
Went out on thus and friday with my wing...he had just finished Ozzie's bootcampin las vegas recently
So both nights were focused on social pressure drills
lo intensity...walked around and did some street game and warmed up....(nothing to report as we just went throught someof the drills...approached but i don't even remember the approaches or the faces..
I am so focused on the process that, the approaches seem like a blur right now
hi intensity...went into the club and did a drill when we just stood still on the floor for 2 mins..then I was supposed to interupt a mixed set on the dance floor...i guess the music changed and no one was on the we skipped that drill
back to lo intensity....went into a bar and approached opened a  few sets...nothing really hooked
then we went back to hi intensity...walked into another club...and went on the dance floor and "hi 5" a set on the dance next task was to go on the dance floor and last 2 mins with a group of girls..didn't  go so well..i failed my mission....the night was much longer then i am describing here..i am sure i am ommiting some details but it was pretty much focused on doing social pressure drills.......then did a debrief with my wing...
More of the same lo and hi intensity but different drills.....1st we just chilled and did some street game to warm up..then started doing some social pressure drills...went to a public place and stood there for 2 mins...talking about something embarrasing state went from a 1 to about an 8 after the drill.......then went to  do another drill...walk backwards for almost a block without looking back... state was over 8....this  wa cool as people just moved out of the way.....felt very empowered  after the drill was over.......then did street approaches to warm up and then went into a bar a few more drills inside the club...(wont go into all of them but needless to say..I am very lucky that my wing was willing to share)   ..then did some approaches with a lot of feedback from my wing....approaches went well and almost all lasted more then 2 mins...some were over 30 mins....even though I wasn't attraced to them but went through the process....went home a little early as I was leaving town early the next morning.....My  takeaways were that....physicality is so important as is looking into the girls eyes.....side note....I am only giving my self credit for 7 I lost count but this number is conservetive...anyway
did the drills
stayed out of my head
was an oak tree
good eye contact
great conversation
showed up
give her more emotional hi's and lo's
more physical
more approaches
push it..push it..push it

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End of  Week 2
Went out  solo on friday and it was tough...couldn't get into rythm and walked around looking for a venue to go in..went in and didnt do much....went home very dissapointed and felt shitty and like a chode... the whole day

Next nite..sat...(watched some of juliens videos...."free from outcome" .....that was my mantra the whole nite.....) went out with a real solid rsd wing.....
Just walked around saying "hi' to girls on the  into a bar/club  without waiting in line...( i am pretty good with a few bouncers in town).....
Got into the bar and just chilled and just started chatting with guys and girls at the bar and walked around .....opened a few sets..can't really remember in detail... the conversations...but what keep going through my mind was...
free from from outcome.....
They all went really well..3 long sets and not looking for any outcome ....just had fun........kind of got 1 girl interested...... but kind of lost her in the crowd...doesn't matter..(abundance..abdundance...)....
Left and went to do some street game...just having fun on the street with girls..(not really counting these as sets)....decided to start walking home..." me and my wing did a debrief in front of my apt building....and i was telling him about the 1 girl and how i thought that i should have pushed it a little more....and he say's lets go back and see if she is still there....
Got in the bar again.....walked around and just happen to see her,so i stopped her and chatted with her her # .......
I don't think it was very solid but will try it on monday...either way big deal...abundance, abundance....and a kiss..(not a make out) the nite ended well......focusing on the process....thats my focus
was in state the whole nite
had fun
offered value
free from outcome
great wing
was self amused
more physical
push it..push it
be the oak tree
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so went out on friday nite
went out on my own and it was not very good...walked around on the streets trying to build up state..went into a bar and it was still early,so had a drink and decide to wait for it to get busy...but it just got lame and i got stuck in my head and i just couldn't /didn't approach in that venue
went to another venue and i just choded around and just got disappointed in myself...went home
sat nite
went out own my own goal tonite was to stay out of my head...i manage to stay out of my head the whole nite...talked to 3/4 sets...good interaction but nothing solid.....waited in a few lines but my state was ok
Takeaway from  the 1st week
went out on my own
stayed out of my head (for 1 nite)
got disappointed but still went out the next nite
have to get more aggressive
stay out of my head
more approaches
be free from outcome
dont think..just do

Till next week
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