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Got to the club around10.30, got stamped and went in as the club was dead
did but did an approach and then stepped out to walk around the street and my wing did a few approaches while I went into another bar.
I wasn’t really feeling it at this bar so I met up with my wing and went into the club.
I did quite a few approaches and was physical the whole night but all the sets were very short, I must have done about 10 approaches but again nothing really stuck
The 3 approaches where I learned the most
1) I was dominant with this one girl and could have been good but she was trying to get away because she was married
2) This other girl I approached her like a bauss but it fizzled out. I wasn’t congruent
3) The 3 one was like a non approach. This girl kept giving me these anime eyes every time I passed by but she was with this guy and I just couldn’t get her alone
So an o.k night but have to plow through to keep the sets going
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Went out with a wing for a couple of hours for a pre valentine party, started warming up and just get the verbal’s going in the beginning of the night. I must have approached about 15 sets during the couple of hours I was there. I am going to focus on 3 sets that stood out as per Julien’s video.
The 1st one was this girl I was very physical with her but it was a short set and she kept wanting to go with her friends
My takeaway from this was that I needed to be more dominant
My 2nd set of interest was this girl that I basically yelled at to stop and she did, but as I started to talk my body language was not very dominant.
So the takeaway here is to be dominant and know that what I have to say is interesting
My 3rd set approach that stood out was this girl that I was very physical and she said she didn’t like that. My thoughts on this approach is that I should have back up and continued instead of being thrown back and not continue with the approach
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Went out at around 10.30 got in the club and started warming up and hit up a few sets.
The night was kind of weird as I had a lot of good sets and was in state for most of the night and followed the process but in hindsight the thing that was missing was that I wasn’t able to create a lot of attraction. I think that I was focusing on staying in the set but not on push and pull. A lot of the sets were short and I was physical in most of them but again no attraction

More push n pull
Longer sets
Be more deserving of the girl

Went out solo tonight and it was hard to get in state and I think I was trying to get validation and got blown all night, so back to the drawing board.
Start the night and follow the process and be free from outcome

Do the warm up sets
Follow the process
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Went out after 2 weeks with my wing and got into a couple of venues and got stamped and started to do a few warm ups and get verbal’s going.
The goal for the night was to have fun, be self amused and freedom from outcome
I was doing pretty good with the basics like body language, eye contact and staying out of my head. I did lots of approaches but no real good interactions till late in the night with this 6 ft blonde turbo.
I just grabbed her, was all over her and had a real good interaction with her even thought she was there with her boyfriend. In retrospect I could have done a lot more with her but I think I surprised myself that she was in my arms and my wing commented that it was my best interaction of the night. My state now was very good and I approached another stunner and it was going ok and then her friend grabbed her away. My wing had to go so we did a short debrief and went home

Got into state quickly
Approached with good verbal’s
Need to have longer interactions
Show more intent
Just assume and own it more

Went on my own tonight and hit a couple of different venues
Got the night going by talking to a girl in the line up before going into the club, which was dead, so went to another bar and walked around a bit hoping to get into state and talked to a few people. I wasn’t feeling it so went back to the club to see it I could get into it and it didn’t work as I was looking for validation and then got into my head and I then just felt out of place. I decided to end the night early but a big learning night
Need to go through the process
Need to do the warm ups
Don’t assume that state will happen
It won’t happen automatically
Don’t look for validation
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Not looking forward to writing this entry as I had a shitty nite
Went out solo and was slow getting started as I was in my head, had a few blowouts and then froze up and walked around the club and just couldn't get into a vibe or to do a lot of approaches.I approached this cute girl and had a brief conversation but forgot all the basic rules about being fun and just plowing. She blew me off nicely by saying she had a bf....but I know that wasn't true.
Went to another bar and approached this girl and she blew me off,again I know I didn't have a fun vibe.I felt like a creepy guy.
I left and headed home as I just couldn't get my groove on
Went out
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Went out last night after almost 2 weeks {had a few things that I had to take care of}
Grabbed something to eat and chatted up this waitress, had a nice vibe with her ( to be continued another time ) got into the club solo and walked around a little bit and approached a couple of girls and got blown out but continued to approach.
It was hard to get a vibe going, I had that vibe in the restaurant but it didn’t continue in the club. I think I was looking for an outcome and just couldn’t get any kind of consistence going. I had a few blow outs and had maybe four approaches that I might have pursued more but they didn’t pan out, so a pretty terrible night.
Was looking for an outcome
Didin’t get a vibe going
Didn’t own it
Too long of a break from approaching
Went out solo
Should have kept going
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Went out for a couple of hours with a wing (not rsd) but he is pretty good
Did some street game to warm up, nothing much to write about
Got into the club and opened a 2 set. It was smooth and got conversation going and my wing took care of the other girl, so it was going well and I was looking for a way to escalate and while we are talking, she says to me “my dad is right behind you”. I said to her, I have never had any girl say that to me in a club, so we laughed about that and I turn around and he is really is there and turns out he is a body builder. I just didn’t know how to deal with that and I lost my vibe and I think she sensed it and said she had to go to the bathroom….I just had to be amused..
The club was pretty dead, so decided to another club. I open this 2 set on the street, wasn’t really attracted to either of them but I engaged them and dominated the frame and made one of them give my wing a hug and just did a lot of push n pull. It was o.k, my wing seemed to enjoy it and then we went in the club and I got blown out a few times. Then I opened this cute Japanese girl who had those eyes that looked like she was primed to go, I just started dancing with her and getting physical wither and grabbing her ass and then her friends came back to the table and just kind of surrounded her and she lost interest. I should have taken her to the dance floor and it would have worked .I will have to try that next time
I only give myself credit for the sets that I engaged in longer than 2 mins

Was present
Open a few good sets
Was physical
Owned my frame
Should have moved them around the club
More playful shark
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Went out a club with a few guys who are learning pick up but didn’t really see them the whole night, so I was pretty much solo…got going after a while and kept getting blown out a lot. Dance flow game sucked and I was often frozen and not going in strong.
I had a couple of girls that I opened but interaction and attraction wasn’t really there. I stayed in the club but really wasn’t in approach mode. I felt like everyone was watching me fail or getting blown out. I left and went into a bar and could have approached a couple of sets but didn’t.
I left after a little bit and went on the street and get some food and all of a sudden I was chatty and opened a couple of different sets but there was no attraction built. It seemed like I was fine as long as there was no pressure to approach, so the good thing was that I went out, the bad was that I sucked the whole night
Went out and stayed in the club
Forgot what I needed to do
Looking for an outcome
Didn’t create a fun vibe
Needed to be present
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Went out last night solo for the first time in a while and it was very strange. The whole night I felt like I was naked, it was a tough going, while waiting inline and when I got inside.
The first bar I went to, just walked around trying to get in state but didn’t really approach and was starting to get into my head, so I went to a club where it was very high energy and got blown out a few times….
I wasn’t really into it for some reason but still stayed in the club and still tried to approach. I open this one set and this guy says it’s a private party. I guess it was his girlfriend, anyway I just ignored him and I opened the other girl and she tells me she’s a lesbian but she grinding on me, so I am talking to her like an inch away from her face and I try to kiss her a few times but she just keeps moving away then she say’s what are you doing here?
I respond with logic and I could tell she lost interest. (I wasn’t in the zone because I didn’t really have that many interactions).
I left after that and went into another bar where I open a girl and had a nice interaction and then her boyfriend comes in and takes her away, then I open this other girl and she tells me she’s a lesbian (really a lesbian and not into guys) and I am thinking wtf and a minute later her girlfriend comes in and say’s “ Are you chatting up my gf?...
what the fuck is going on here, where are all these girls coming from and why am I approaching them.
So a tough night but I kept going
By this time it’s about 2.30 am and I head home

Need warm up approaches
Don’t be logical
More approaches in the club
Be the playful shark
I went out solo and approached
Stayed in the club, when it wasn’t going well
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I went out after 9days as I had family and business commitments, which were preplanned. Got to have balance..right?

Halloween party at a club, went as a cowboy..GIDDY UP
Started chatting with everybody in the line up to get state up and verbal’s going after the long break….got in the club with my wing and started talking to everyone, not many people there yet….we started to alternate opening sets, most of them went well.
I was offering value and just having fun….we went to the dance floor and back to the bar area to chill. That was the pattern the whole night….opened tons of sets nothing really stuck but had fun. Almost got a make out on the dance floor with this tall hot Indian princess, when I got physical, which is what my wing pushed me to do. Ya for having an awesome wing
I opened a lot more than the 15 approaches but I am giving myself credit for, but that’s a fair number
At the debrief at the bar next door…my wing said ‘give yourself permission to get physical” which stuck with me
Takeaways for the night
Stayed in state the whole night
Opened a lot of sets
Need to create more attraction
Need to get more physical
Had fun

Halloween party at another club….cowboy rides again
Got to the line up and my wing introduced me to everyone in line and I started chatting with every one, to get state up
When we got inside, it was insane, like Vegas
The whole night, we zig zaged from the dance floor to the bar area
I opened a lot of sets being physical and got lots of blowouts but it didn’t matter
I just kept going and stayed out of my head the whole night. Opened tons of sets and I think15 is a good number for this blog entry. I got a number from this cute Japanese girl…just went in with hand of god and just grabbed her into me…she was into me but her friend had to catch the last train, so she had to go, but I got her number and pulled her into me again and went for a make out but only got a kiss..oh well
My wing opened this girl and I went into wing him and she say’s she has to go to the bathroom, so I said to her, give me your number and she gives it to me, this took about 1 min.I know it’s not solid but I went for it anyway
At around 2.30 am we went out on the street and did street game.
My wing opened this girl and I came in and started to do a cold read and my wing was just amazed as I kept this going with her.
I was doing push and pull on her for about 20 mins and building value for him, then I left them and went back to the club.
It’s 3am now and the club is closing…time to go home
So the weekend was a success
Stayed out of my head
Was in state both days
Need to get more physical
More sets with emotional hi/lo
Use more cold reading
Create more attraction
Be more deserving
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