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Thursday Night
Went out with a buddy for a few drinks and did a few approaches. The interactions were about getting out of my head and just getting warmed up for the weekend

Friday Night
I went out with a few of my wings to Latin night at a club. I did a few approaches to warm up, got a few blow outs but just kept going. I saw this cute blonde and went in and approached her. I was just not getting anything from her, just one word answers and after a few mins, I just kind of ran out of things to say, so I ejected. A little while latter, I opened her again and she warmed up a little but still not much. A while latter I opened her again but this time, I was right in front of her and asked her for her number, she says to me, I will give you my fb, I said I don’t do fb, so she says ok… but my phone is dead, so I grab my wing and get her to put her number in his phone. I did a few approaches with a couple of girls who didn’t give me much but later they were guys who were all over them, so I think when you approach in the night matters as well. Most of the night, I was really trying to stay present and not judge the night. I would say I had about five solid interactions not counting blowouts
Be present
Be persistent
Be self amused
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Thursday Night
I went out with a wing who, had not been out for a while, we went and got stamped at a couple of clubs. We went into the 1st club and walked around a little bit and I did a few approaches to warm up and tried to get in state, but I wasn’t feeling it just yet.
All the interactions were brief but I was trying to follow the process.
We went into the next club and it was hopping and a little overwhelming but again just tried to follow the process and did a few more approaches. In a couple of the approaches, I ran out of things to say, which is very rare for me. There was nothing really worthwhile in the interactions to go into detail
In hindsight, I realized that I was not present and was trying to force things.
In total I did about 5 or 6 approaches that I would consider following the process
I would consider this as just a warm up for the weekend
Don’t force the process, just follow it
Be present
Realize that I am sub communicating at all times

Friday Night
Went out with my wing from last night, Got stamped at the club and then decided to go to another bar as this club wasn’t busy yet.
So on the way to the bar, my wing was having a hard time as he was getting inside his head and was over analyzing things but I did a few hi fives with the girls walking and just wanted to get in the mood, while trying to help my wing.
We get in the bar and I approached this girl as she was ordering a drink and was just vibing with her as she was ordering a drink. She left after she got her drink. I re approached this girls 3 times during the night, something I hadn’t done before, the last time that I approached her, she was drunk and was out of it but I just followed my process.
I thought about getting her number but decided not to.
I approached this two set both of them were cute, so I am focusing on the one who responded to me more and I am in set for awhile and then she shows me her wedding ring.
At this point, I was thrown off my game and didn’t know how to focus on the single girl.
I realized later how I could have turned this around. I now have a reference point for how to deal with this.
I approached this other girl and she blew me off the 1st time but during the night, I re approached her another 2 times, didn’t get anywhere but I did it.
So I guess this was the theme for the night, Re-approach, Re-approach.
At this point, we decided to go back to the club and my wing is just in his head too deep and I can’t really help him, so I decide that we should call it a night
I can re-approach
Be flexible and be prepared to switch focus
More approaches

Saturday Night
Went to this club and just chilled for a while and just went through what I wanted to focus on tonight. My goals were to have strong eye contact, man to women communication and to just have fun
The highlights of the night were I had a few good interactions and was physical.
My wing wanted to approach these 2 hot Persian girls,(well actually 1of them was hot, the one that my wing liked) so we just went in and I just basically held court for a good 30mins and had them laughing ,my wing got her fb.
I had a few sets like this tonight as I realized that if I am just having fun, it’s easier for me to follow the process and approach, I am in a good mood.
I didn’t pull or get numbers but tonight I felt like “I am enough”

Have fun
Be fun to be around
Be present and more approaches
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Saturday Night
I haven’t posted for a while as I have only gone out a couple of times in the last few weeks.
I went out last Saturday and did a few approaches just to get back in the groove of it.
Not much to report.
This Saturday, I went out with a buddy and basically walked around and talked to a few people and was too self aware for most of the night.
I was planning on leaving when my wing open up this group 2 girls and a guy,
He was talking to the single girl and as I came in I was talking to the guy and the girl thinking they were a couple, when I leaned in to introduce my self,
I asked her if that was her boyfriend and she says “no”, so I just turn her away from him and start talking to her, about an inch away from her lips, then I just go in for a kiss and a short make out.
Then I get her number and try to make it solid by vibing with her a little bit and then her friends are puling her away, so as she is going ,I say “wait’ and then try for another kiss, before her friends pull her away for good this time
So that was a good end to the night, even thought I wasn’t feeling it
I have to start going out regularly and do more approaches
Keep at it, I never know when it might happen
More approaches
Get un stifled quicker
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Saturday Night
I meet up with my buddies outside the club that we were supposed to go to and we decided to go elsewhere, so we walked down to another club and there is a line, we wait for about 20 minutes before deciding to go else where.
We got to this other bar and there was about a 20minutes wait, so we waited in line and finally got in.
My state was low by this time and I tried to do a few approaches and got blown out, I was just too much in my head and stifled, so I walked around the bar and then left to go outside for a few minutes.
When I came back in, I saw this girl and just went in and approached her and had a good conversation, it was man to women but I couldn’t create enough sexual tension.
These guys come in (that she knew) and basically took over the set. I think, if I had created sexual tension. I would have been able to stay in set.
I did a few more approaches and then we decided to go to another bar.
I approached this women at this bar and it could have been on, but I was not attracted to her, she was giving me IOI’s and told me she lived across the bar and I could have closed her but I decide to do a few more approaches.
I winged for a long set with my buddy.
It didn’t pan out for him, then we did a few more approaches and on the way out, I saw this girl and open her and in a few minutes got her number.
We decided to call it a night, as it was around 3 am.
Get in state by doing approaches
Do more approaches
Stay present and free from outcome
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Friday Night
I went out with a couple of buddies and we hit up a Latin club. I had just finished watching Tyler’s latest video. So my focus was just to follow the process, and I would say that I gave it about a 60% effort. So I would give my self a 6 out of 10 but I did quite a few approaches and I felt good being just present and in the moment. I did lots of approaches, but nothing really solid. As we were leaving the club I saw this cutie Latin girl and had a brief interaction with her and she left, well my wing says “run the train, run the train, run the train” Ozzie style, so I went back in got right in front her grabbed and wrapped my arms around her and just started talking in her ear and got her number as her friend was climbing all over me, trying to pull me of her. It was hilarious. I was in a great state after. We went to another club and I did a few more approaches and then went home around 3am
It was a good night
More approaches
More push and pull
More commitment
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I went out with 3 other guys tonight and got into the club and did a few approaches and then decided to go on the street and do approaches.
Later we went into a Latin club and spent the rest of the night there doing approaches Had a few approaches, mostly blowouts, nothing really solid. I think I was looking for validation.

Saturday night, we went to a different club and in the beginning of the night I was having fun but as I got rejected a few times, my state just kept going down.
I tried to get to that fun state but wasn’t really happening. I ended up going home around 2 am
1) Do More Approaches
2) Be Myself with Strong Eye Contact
3) Have More Fun and Be More Amused, FREE FROM OUTCOME
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I went out with 3 other guys tonight and got into the club and did a few approaches maybe about 10 during the night, had a few good interactions but nothing note worthy. It seemed like I was following the process and free from outcome but didn’t get nay real connection with any girl that I was attracted to
1) Do More Approaches
2) Be Myself with Strong Eye Contact
3) Have More Fun and Be More Amused

I went out with three other guys and the plan was to get stamped at a bar and then to another bar. So in the line up to the 1st bar, my wing and I met these girls in line and we talked to them for awhile. So finally we get inside and start warming up and we saw the girls in line, so we went in and opened them again (he was interested in one of the girls, I wasn’t)
I was winging him so stayed in set with him for about an hour or so and we had lots of fun and I was getting in state so I didn’t mind. The rest of the night was doing more approaches, but no real solid interactions, but I just focused on staying present and having fun. I went home at around 2 am.
1) Do more approaches
2) Get on top of the club early
3) Follow the process and don’t half step it
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I went out with three other guys and the plan was to get stamped at a bar and then to another bar. The 1st bar was crazy busy with a lot of drunk people, so we get in and do a few sets and then decide to go to the other bar, where it was not very busy just yet but still managed to do a couple of sets.
The highlights of the first couple of hours was that I was winging and grabbed this Japanese girl and was going for an instant make out, didn’t really work but I tried and I had one other interesting interaction at the first bar but it didn’t go anywhere, but my state was great.
The next few hours was walking around and looking for a club to go into. By this time I was not in state but we managed to find a bar to go to. It’s almost 2 am by now and I managed to do a couple of lame approaches and then decided to go.
The night was very strange but I did have a few takeaways later
1) Open everything and be free from outcome
2) Get focused on why I am there
3) Get on top of the club by opening sets right away
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Went out after a couple of weeks. I went with four guys whom, I had not gone out with, so I didn’t know what to expect. Got into the club at around 10.30 and just started to get warmed up and started to do a few short approaches and I think with the hour we had done most of the sets. I decided to go to a bar with a couple of guys just to grab a drink and see what was happening. One of the guys opened a 2 set and we were in there for a while but nothing was happening and they decided to leave. So we went back to the club next door and I started to get going. I open this girl and got right in front of her with solid intense eye contact and just started joking with her as her friend was watching us.
Then I decided to move her to the bar area and then I got her number and gave her a kiss, tried for make out but she resisted so I just backed up a little.
I open this other girl (she wasn’t my type) and just got in front of her and had both my hands on her shoulders and was just messing with her and she says to me “all you are going to from me is my number” and I said”What makes you think I want it…that was me coming from abundance….it felt really good. Her friend grabbed her shortly after that
Then I left as we were leaving the club and the guys were outside. Had a good set outside as we were going to another bar
Nothing much at the next bar, so we went back to the club and I saw the girl with her friends, grabbed her again and moved her and tried to make the day 2 more solid and gave he another kiss again tried for more but no go, so I laughed and just went on with the night
The guys wanted to go to another bar, so we went there and I got blown out a few times but it didn’t matter.
So the 3 areas of improvement for me
1) Do more approaches with intent, not outcome
2) Know that I am enough and the girl deserves me
3) Get Physical and move the girl
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So I went left the house last night and go meet my wing at 10.30 and I am 4 minutes late and he freaks out like a little and doesn’t want to wing with me any more…like WTF…I could believe he was serious
Anyway so now I am a little perplexed but I go and get in line to get into the club.
I strike up a conversation with people inline and am having a good time with people and am in pretty good state but after a while in line. I decide to go somewhere else.
I walk around a bit and then, I see this girl out side the club so I approach her and have a pretty good vibe with her but nothing more happens, so I go into another bar and I open a few good sets and try to hook this hot Persian girl but her guy friend is just being an idiot and she leaves. I decide to leave as it’s around 1.30 am.
I am proud that I went out solo and open some good sets
My 3 sets that I learn the most from was
1) The girl outside the bar, I could have pushed that a lot more
2) When in line there was this girl from Burma, I could have pushed harder
with her, she was giving me those eyes
3) The Persian girl, I could have pushed her as well

So the theme for last week was to push things more
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