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I have experience with women but have gotten out of a long term relationship.. My goal is to go out at least 3 times a week and improve my game.Just got back from las Vegas and motivated to go out and create some success
had to work for 2 weeks so I didnt go out...
I am focused on the approaches,that way it's about the process and free from out come

but here we go

week 1
sat ..went out for a couple of hours only......approached  on the street before going into a bar
had a nice long set just to get in the groove.....turned out the girl I was talking to was there with her boyfriend...but  my wing got the other girls #...just tried to have fun....on the way home we opened another was going ok..i asked the girls ,if they were of them just freaked out...we were self amused...didin't effect me, which was a step in the right direction

My Motto; Be Bold, Be Couragous,Be Outrageous,Be Self Amused
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