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so went out on friday nite
went out on my own and it was not very good...walked around on the streets trying to build up state..went into a bar and it was still early,so had a drink and decide to wait for it to get busy...but it just got lame and i got stuck in my head and i just couldn't /didn't approach in that venue
went to another venue and i just choded around and just got disappointed in myself...went home
sat nite
went out own my own goal tonite was to stay out of my head...i manage to stay out of my head the whole nite...talked to 3/4 sets...good interaction but nothing solid.....waited in a few lines but my state was ok
Takeaway from  the 1st week
went out on my own
stayed out of my head (for 1 nite)
got disappointed but still went out the next nite
have to get more aggressive
stay out of my head
more approaches
be free from outcome
dont think..just do

Till next week
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