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End of  Week 2
Went out  solo on friday and it was tough...couldn't get into rythm and walked around looking for a venue to go in..went in and didnt do much....went home very dissapointed and felt shitty and like a chode... the whole day

Next nite..sat...(watched some of juliens videos...."free from outcome" .....that was my mantra the whole nite.....) went out with a real solid rsd wing.....
Just walked around saying "hi' to girls on the  into a bar/club  without waiting in line...( i am pretty good with a few bouncers in town).....
Got into the bar and just chilled and just started chatting with guys and girls at the bar and walked around .....opened a few sets..can't really remember in detail... the conversations...but what keep going through my mind was...
free from from outcome.....
They all went really well..3 long sets and not looking for any outcome ....just had fun........kind of got 1 girl interested...... but kind of lost her in the crowd...doesn't matter..(abundance..abdundance...)....
Left and went to do some street game...just having fun on the street with girls..(not really counting these as sets)....decided to start walking home..." me and my wing did a debrief in front of my apt building....and i was telling him about the 1 girl and how i thought that i should have pushed it a little more....and he say's lets go back and see if she is still there....
Got in the bar again.....walked around and just happen to see her,so i stopped her and chatted with her her # .......
I don't think it was very solid but will try it on monday...either way big deal...abundance, abundance....and a kiss..(not a make out) the nite ended well......focusing on the process....thats my focus
was in state the whole nite
had fun
offered value
free from outcome
great wing
was self amused
more physical
push it..push it
be the oak tree
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Good job buddy!

I'm excited to read ur field report.

When going out by solo, its tough to manage ur state. Sometimes u feel shitty, sometimes u have to feel shitty. But I'm glad u felt shitty because its a challenge for u.

The point is u still go out next day n that's all it matters!

Keep going out and as u keep challenging urself(like solo), I think u learn something from field experience. Just saying!
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Was really awesome how you got us into the venue. To bad we lost our pull venue (Section3 closing).

Had a fun time even though I got sick post exam.

Anyway, I'll probably continue bring up how Vegas girls were escalating and screening you for logistics. It's totally hilarious and it actually really amuses me. ;)

SideNote: It funny how 'harrah' got his username. I should have been 'Imperial'. Ce La Vie.
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really looking forward to going out more and continue approaching and push boundries..just watching a great video.. awesome
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you are so right...keep up the good work in waterloo
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