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End of  Week 3
Should have posted this earlier (but was out of town on sat) details a bit sketchy
Went out on thus and friday with my wing...he had just finished Ozzie's bootcampin las vegas recently
So both nights were focused on social pressure drills
lo intensity...walked around and did some street game and warmed up....(nothing to report as we just went throught someof the drills...approached but i don't even remember the approaches or the faces..
I am so focused on the process that, the approaches seem like a blur right now
hi intensity...went into the club and did a drill when we just stood still on the floor for 2 mins..then I was supposed to interupt a mixed set on the dance floor...i guess the music changed and no one was on the we skipped that drill
back to lo intensity....went into a bar and approached opened a  few sets...nothing really hooked
then we went back to hi intensity...walked into another club...and went on the dance floor and "hi 5" a set on the dance next task was to go on the dance floor and last 2 mins with a group of girls..didn't  go so well..i failed my mission....the night was much longer then i am describing here..i am sure i am ommiting some details but it was pretty much focused on doing social pressure drills.......then did a debrief with my wing...
More of the same lo and hi intensity but different drills.....1st we just chilled and did some street game to warm up..then started doing some social pressure drills...went to a public place and stood there for 2 mins...talking about something embarrasing state went from a 1 to about an 8 after the drill.......then went to  do another drill...walk backwards for almost a block without looking back... state was over 8....this  wa cool as people just moved out of the way.....felt very empowered  after the drill was over.......then did street approaches to warm up and then went into a bar a few more drills inside the club...(wont go into all of them but needless to say..I am very lucky that my wing was willing to share)   ..then did some approaches with a lot of feedback from my wing....approaches went well and almost all lasted more then 2 mins...some were over 30 mins....even though I wasn't attraced to them but went through the process....went home a little early as I was leaving town early the next morning.....My  takeaways were that....physicality is so important as is looking into the girls eyes.....side note....I am only giving my self credit for 7 I lost count but this number is conservetive...anyway
did the drills
stayed out of my head
was an oak tree
good eye contact
great conversation
showed up
give her more emotional hi's and lo's
more physical
more approaches
push it..push it..push it

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