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Went out last night for a couple of hours
Did a few drills with my wing(Ozzie bootcamp drills)
Won't go into detail on this blog but needless to say they were social pressure drills outside and then some street sets..not many people out last night,so we went into the club and did hi pressure on the dance floor and lo pressure away from the dance floor
Opened a mixed set on the dance floor and one with two positive responses but nothing much to write about but went through the process
Opened a set away from the some vibe going but her sister pulled her away...
It felt like....I was going thorough the process and did the drills inside and outside the club but no really into it.....reminded me of going to the gym just so you can meet your commitment but no really into it
But this morning ,I was proud because I did it without getting into my head too much..maybe a little before we left the club....but I did it.....until next time
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