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Awesome nite out ...started the nite with fear techonlogy discussion for an hour then on to the street for social pressure drills with wings.. a couple of them I had done but there was another one that was hard to do on a busy street...state was going up and down... but perservered then went into the club did a couple of dance floor drills...missed 1 drill where i had to lift a girl...will be working on that one.....then zig zaged on to the street and did some street game...had a great set with a club her card and met her latter on and she got us into another attraction with her but a great connection....did some more street game then later went into theother club...i was approaching a lot...about 6 or 7 sets...had good interactions and was trying to create emotional hi/lo for the girl..some of it worked...because i belived but a couple didn't work or i didn't stay inset long enough or I had poor body positioning....more things to workon and push forward with....ended the nite at around 2 am and have a couple of beers and just chilled inthe club....saw a really hot girl and i could tell she had a bf but still  got up to talk her..i just had to all in all a good nite of approaching but nothing to write home about.. as a lot of the videos say....just focus on the process and trust that it works and the results will come(pun intended)..... and I had a lot of i am going with that...over ond out till later
stay in set longer
get physical faster / quicker
push it and play to win
be the playful shark..i love that
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 Awesome.  In my little experience with this "poor positioning" happens when you are thinking about it; If you are acting like a boss everything falls into place.  People who push themselves like this are a rare find these days.  
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