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Got started a little early to get into a club on a staurday nite....went out and did some social drills in a very loud envoirment on the street..difficult but got throught it and state was very high...did some street warm up drills for about  half hour..then headed to a bar....did some drills inside the bar and then got started to a mixed physical right away and held her hand almost the whole time (no  attraction here)but  went through the process....opened another set, got good coversation going but she had to go with her friends..was trying hi/lo blownout of a couple of sets...waited for my wing to get # ..then left bar..we were doing zig zag..hi/lo went on the street did a few walking sets..then went into the club.....did a dance floor drill...and got blown  out all 3 sets on the dance floor...state went real low..and felt very creepy.....i was looking for an out come and was taking value..not giving value and having fun...left the club with my wing..he could feel that it was not working for me..(this is where a good wing is so important)..did some chill game on the street got back into state after I open a good set on the street..just had fun and was physical with one of the girls in the 3 set.on the street....was dying to get back in the club and redeem my self..wanted to end the nite on a was just after 2 am  when we got back in the club..just went on the floor and open a girl and got physical and used the claw (not for long but it didn't matter.....process..process...process.....then just chilled with the other guys in club...approached a very sexy girl and vibed with her for a little bit....found out she was a lesbian...not bi..and her gf was somewhere in the club..oh well that's how it not a bad night..went through a few highs and a few low'sbut tried to excute most of the nite......learned that if its not going well ...just  step out of the club ..for a few mins and press "restart" and continue.....tried to be the playful shark the whole nite...worked for most of the nite
BE THE PLAYFUL new mantra
follow the process
push..push ..push
more approaches
step out of the club (to restart)
more physical for longer
give value
be free fromoutcome
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