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went out with my wing with a 4/5 guys..i cant even remember...did social pressure drills for about an hour or so...then went into a bar ..wasn't busy about  3or 4 sets in the bar,which the other guys did ...then went into another bar ..again wasn't very busy...ended up talking to a couple of girls but wouldn't count that as a set...ended the nite early after a debrief by my wing...
didn't really open a set
stayed in state
didn't focus on my shit

went out with 5 other guys..did social pressure drills in the soaking rain ..braved throught the rain ..stayed in state and just perservered .....went into a club...and did some more drills inside the club...approached a girl and  I was physical right away ..had a good interaction,got her laughing and tried to prolong the interaction but she had to go find her friends....walked around the club for a while...state was going up and down, started to get in my head ...decided to go to another club...then just said to myself more approach before i leave.....approached this hot girl and gave the hand of god and just cut the space and grabbed her real close...tried the love/hate interaction and it was going well..then here younger brother  and girlfriend came in and cblocked..had .found out earlier that she was leaving town in the morning..?...anyway got her number and tried to venue change....but she didn't want to leave her I said we should meet up later..she said "i cant promise anything" i knew that it might not happen..but went through the process...txt her reply...did some street approaches on the way to another into another club blown out a few times..state was fading but still stayed in the club and tried to get back in state...not sure if it this time it's 2.45 called it a night.....
forgot a lot of things in the club
wasn't the "playful shark"
not enough approaches
too much time in between sets
not having freedom from out come
the sets i approached went terms of physical game
take more risks
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good times bro 
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