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Went on with wing a three other guys...did some social pressure drills in the pouring rain..went into a club and just chilled for a while,waiting for it to get busy,so just had a beer and chilled for a little bit.
Approached a 3/4 set and had a little bit of a conversation before her friend came in and clock blocked then she started to open was kind of funny...then the other friends grabbed her and left....talked to some friends in the club and then we all went into another club...took a little while to get used to the club for some reason ...approached some more sets 2sets..3sets ....etc....I got blown out of all of them and or the conversation just died,started to think that my verbs weren't very good or my interest level just wasn't there....not sure what it was.....then was just chilling and some idiot on the balcony poured beer on the people downstairs.....just got soaked...felt like going home but just stayed in the club and decided to plow....dried off a little and then approached a couple more sets....again nothing stuck...started to feel a little awkward being in that club.
Went to another club with my wing..and reproached a girl but my body position wasn't good and got blown out. .....was frustrated but kept thinking it's just a process...left the club as it was dying down...went searching for a busy bar...went to 2 or 3 other bars ....most were closing or empty......finally found a bar that was busy, so went in and decided to have a beer with my wing and just chill at the bar.....debriefed at the bar, when I saw this I am sitting at the bar stool and I just turned on the stool and put out "hand of god" with piercing eye contact and she comes over to me ...( it was very cool)
and I start to get physical and have a conversation with hi/lo emotions and just playing ..she has a solid bf..but I didn't care..I just wanted to prove to myself that I have good conversation skills.....funny thing happen with this girl....I had a very solid frame and was leading but somehow she stole my frame and before I knew she was leading and then she blew me out.....later I am like
Then another girl come by to order a drink and she says "hi" I run some good verbals on her before her friends take her's now around 3.30 am and my wing has already gone home that was how the nite ended

Don't doubt
Follow the process
Stronger body position
My verbals are fine
Persevered throughout the nite
Always man to women
More eye contact

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