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Wednesday nite
Went out for a couple of hours with a buddy who has pretty good game.
I am out of town this weekend ,so I wanted to get some approaches in for the week...rolled into a club and walked around a bit and then opened a couple of sets with direct hand of god approach...went ok but short sets....then I winged my buddy for about 20 mins while he warmed his target...I was talking to her friend who was nice but had bad breath and she was in town to learn all my jokes went over her head...not really her fault....but talk about tough...anyway we moved blown out a few times....then I started to get into my head....stuff like "why a I here, it's too loud here...I m too old to be in this club..etc etc....
I don't know if anyone experiences these kind of thoughts who is in the game and are older would be welcome from anyone reading this....
Continued on and did a few more approaches and then around midnight went home....all in all...I probably did more than 5 approaches during the evening but I m just counting the rest of them were flaky or weren't very strong on my part....also did some street sets but nothing to really write about
I was having a hard time building attraction or interest tonight
When I watch the videos..I get really physique d about walking in like a boss but I can't seem to implement that in the club


Act like a boss
Be present
Stay out my mind
Be free from outcome
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Hey Apus, 

Post on the main forum about the age difference belief. Perhaps you may get an answer since the instructors probably have more experience dealing with students with a large age gap.

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