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I went out after 9days as I had family and business commitments, which were preplanned. Got to have balance..right?

Halloween party at a club, went as a cowboy..GIDDY UP
Started chatting with everybody in the line up to get state up and verbal’s going after the long break….got in the club with my wing and started talking to everyone, not many people there yet….we started to alternate opening sets, most of them went well.
I was offering value and just having fun….we went to the dance floor and back to the bar area to chill. That was the pattern the whole night….opened tons of sets nothing really stuck but had fun. Almost got a make out on the dance floor with this tall hot Indian princess, when I got physical, which is what my wing pushed me to do. Ya for having an awesome wing
I opened a lot more than the 15 approaches but I am giving myself credit for, but that’s a fair number
At the debrief at the bar next door…my wing said ‘give yourself permission to get physical” which stuck with me
Takeaways for the night
Stayed in state the whole night
Opened a lot of sets
Need to create more attraction
Need to get more physical
Had fun

Halloween party at another club….cowboy rides again
Got to the line up and my wing introduced me to everyone in line and I started chatting with every one, to get state up
When we got inside, it was insane, like Vegas
The whole night, we zig zaged from the dance floor to the bar area
I opened a lot of sets being physical and got lots of blowouts but it didn’t matter
I just kept going and stayed out of my head the whole night. Opened tons of sets and I think15 is a good number for this blog entry. I got a number from this cute Japanese girl…just went in with hand of god and just grabbed her into me…she was into me but her friend had to catch the last train, so she had to go, but I got her number and pulled her into me again and went for a make out but only got a kiss..oh well
My wing opened this girl and I went into wing him and she say’s she has to go to the bathroom, so I said to her, give me your number and she gives it to me, this took about 1 min.I know it’s not solid but I went for it anyway
At around 2.30 am we went out on the street and did street game.
My wing opened this girl and I came in and started to do a cold read and my wing was just amazed as I kept this going with her.
I was doing push and pull on her for about 20 mins and building value for him, then I left them and went back to the club.
It’s 3am now and the club is closing…time to go home
So the weekend was a success
Stayed out of my head
Was in state both days
Need to get more physical
More sets with emotional hi/lo
Use more cold reading
Create more attraction
Be more deserving
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Holy mothafucking shit u n ur wing!!!

As I read ur fr, I can only imagine u guys beasting there like dominant men.

Impressive. Liked ur pulling by hands or hand of god,"gimme ur #" n attempt to makeout.

U n ur wing must be rlly good.
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this is inspirational.
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