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Went out last night solo for the first time in a while and it was very strange. The whole night I felt like I was naked, it was a tough going, while waiting inline and when I got inside.
The first bar I went to, just walked around trying to get in state but didn’t really approach and was starting to get into my head, so I went to a club where it was very high energy and got blown out a few times….
I wasn’t really into it for some reason but still stayed in the club and still tried to approach. I open this one set and this guy says it’s a private party. I guess it was his girlfriend, anyway I just ignored him and I opened the other girl and she tells me she’s a lesbian but she grinding on me, so I am talking to her like an inch away from her face and I try to kiss her a few times but she just keeps moving away then she say’s what are you doing here?
I respond with logic and I could tell she lost interest. (I wasn’t in the zone because I didn’t really have that many interactions).
I left after that and went into another bar where I open a girl and had a nice interaction and then her boyfriend comes in and takes her away, then I open this other girl and she tells me she’s a lesbian (really a lesbian and not into guys) and I am thinking wtf and a minute later her girlfriend comes in and say’s “ Are you chatting up my gf?...
what the fuck is going on here, where are all these girls coming from and why am I approaching them.
So a tough night but I kept going
By this time it’s about 2.30 am and I head home

Need warm up approaches
Don’t be logical
More approaches in the club
Be the playful shark
I went out solo and approached
Stayed in the club, when it wasn’t going well
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