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Went out a club with a few guys who are learning pick up but didn’t really see them the whole night, so I was pretty much solo…got going after a while and kept getting blown out a lot. Dance flow game sucked and I was often frozen and not going in strong.
I had a couple of girls that I opened but interaction and attraction wasn’t really there. I stayed in the club but really wasn’t in approach mode. I felt like everyone was watching me fail or getting blown out. I left and went into a bar and could have approached a couple of sets but didn’t.
I left after a little bit and went on the street and get some food and all of a sudden I was chatty and opened a couple of different sets but there was no attraction built. It seemed like I was fine as long as there was no pressure to approach, so the good thing was that I went out, the bad was that I sucked the whole night
Went out and stayed in the club
Forgot what I needed to do
Looking for an outcome
Didn’t create a fun vibe
Needed to be present
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