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Went out for a couple of hours with a wing (not rsd) but he is pretty good
Did some street game to warm up, nothing much to write about
Got into the club and opened a 2 set. It was smooth and got conversation going and my wing took care of the other girl, so it was going well and I was looking for a way to escalate and while we are talking, she says to me “my dad is right behind you”. I said to her, I have never had any girl say that to me in a club, so we laughed about that and I turn around and he is really is there and turns out he is a body builder. I just didn’t know how to deal with that and I lost my vibe and I think she sensed it and said she had to go to the bathroom….I just had to be amused..
The club was pretty dead, so decided to another club. I open this 2 set on the street, wasn’t really attracted to either of them but I engaged them and dominated the frame and made one of them give my wing a hug and just did a lot of push n pull. It was o.k, my wing seemed to enjoy it and then we went in the club and I got blown out a few times. Then I opened this cute Japanese girl who had those eyes that looked like she was primed to go, I just started dancing with her and getting physical wither and grabbing her ass and then her friends came back to the table and just kind of surrounded her and she lost interest. I should have taken her to the dance floor and it would have worked .I will have to try that next time
I only give myself credit for the sets that I engaged in longer than 2 mins

Was present
Open a few good sets
Was physical
Owned my frame
Should have moved them around the club
More playful shark
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