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Went out last night after almost 2 weeks {had a few things that I had to take care of}
Grabbed something to eat and chatted up this waitress, had a nice vibe with her ( to be continued another time ) got into the club solo and walked around a little bit and approached a couple of girls and got blown out but continued to approach.
It was hard to get a vibe going, I had that vibe in the restaurant but it didn’t continue in the club. I think I was looking for an outcome and just couldn’t get any kind of consistence going. I had a few blow outs and had maybe four approaches that I might have pursued more but they didn’t pan out, so a pretty terrible night.
Was looking for an outcome
Didin’t get a vibe going
Didn’t own it
Too long of a break from approaching
Went out solo
Should have kept going
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