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Went out after 2 weeks with my wing and got into a couple of venues and got stamped and started to do a few warm ups and get verbal’s going.
The goal for the night was to have fun, be self amused and freedom from outcome
I was doing pretty good with the basics like body language, eye contact and staying out of my head. I did lots of approaches but no real good interactions till late in the night with this 6 ft blonde turbo.
I just grabbed her, was all over her and had a real good interaction with her even thought she was there with her boyfriend. In retrospect I could have done a lot more with her but I think I surprised myself that she was in my arms and my wing commented that it was my best interaction of the night. My state now was very good and I approached another stunner and it was going ok and then her friend grabbed her away. My wing had to go so we did a short debrief and went home

Got into state quickly
Approached with good verbal’s
Need to have longer interactions
Show more intent
Just assume and own it more

Went on my own tonight and hit a couple of different venues
Got the night going by talking to a girl in the line up before going into the club, which was dead, so went to another bar and walked around a bit hoping to get into state and talked to a few people. I wasn’t feeling it so went back to the club to see it I could get into it and it didn’t work as I was looking for validation and then got into my head and I then just felt out of place. I decided to end the night early but a big learning night
Need to go through the process
Need to do the warm ups
Don’t assume that state will happen
It won’t happen automatically
Don’t look for validation
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