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Went out with a wing for a couple of hours for a pre valentine party, started warming up and just get the verbal’s going in the beginning of the night. I must have approached about 15 sets during the couple of hours I was there. I am going to focus on 3 sets that stood out as per Julien’s video.
The 1st one was this girl I was very physical with her but it was a short set and she kept wanting to go with her friends
My takeaway from this was that I needed to be more dominant
My 2nd set of interest was this girl that I basically yelled at to stop and she did, but as I started to talk my body language was not very dominant.
So the takeaway here is to be dominant and know that what I have to say is interesting
My 3rd set approach that stood out was this girl that I was very physical and she said she didn’t like that. My thoughts on this approach is that I should have back up and continued instead of being thrown back and not continue with the approach
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