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Got to the club around10.30, got stamped and went in as the club was dead
did but did an approach and then stepped out to walk around the street and my wing did a few approaches while I went into another bar.
I wasn’t really feeling it at this bar so I met up with my wing and went into the club.
I did quite a few approaches and was physical the whole night but all the sets were very short, I must have done about 10 approaches but again nothing really stuck
The 3 approaches where I learned the most
1) I was dominant with this one girl and could have been good but she was trying to get away because she was married
2) This other girl I approached her like a bauss but it fizzled out. I wasn’t congruent
3) The 3 one was like a non approach. This girl kept giving me these anime eyes every time I passed by but she was with this guy and I just couldn’t get her alone
So an o.k night but have to plow through to keep the sets going
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