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So I went left the house last night and go meet my wing at 10.30 and I am 4 minutes late and he freaks out like a little and doesn’t want to wing with me any more…like WTF…I could believe he was serious
Anyway so now I am a little perplexed but I go and get in line to get into the club.
I strike up a conversation with people inline and am having a good time with people and am in pretty good state but after a while in line. I decide to go somewhere else.
I walk around a bit and then, I see this girl out side the club so I approach her and have a pretty good vibe with her but nothing more happens, so I go into another bar and I open a few good sets and try to hook this hot Persian girl but her guy friend is just being an idiot and she leaves. I decide to leave as it’s around 1.30 am.
I am proud that I went out solo and open some good sets
My 3 sets that I learn the most from was
1) The girl outside the bar, I could have pushed that a lot more
2) When in line there was this girl from Burma, I could have pushed harder
with her, she was giving me those eyes
3) The Persian girl, I could have pushed her as well

So the theme for last week was to push things more
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