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Went out after a couple of weeks. I went with four guys whom, I had not gone out with, so I didn’t know what to expect. Got into the club at around 10.30 and just started to get warmed up and started to do a few short approaches and I think with the hour we had done most of the sets. I decided to go to a bar with a couple of guys just to grab a drink and see what was happening. One of the guys opened a 2 set and we were in there for a while but nothing was happening and they decided to leave. So we went back to the club next door and I started to get going. I open this girl and got right in front of her with solid intense eye contact and just started joking with her as her friend was watching us.
Then I decided to move her to the bar area and then I got her number and gave her a kiss, tried for make out but she resisted so I just backed up a little.
I open this other girl (she wasn’t my type) and just got in front of her and had both my hands on her shoulders and was just messing with her and she says to me “all you are going to from me is my number” and I said”What makes you think I want it…that was me coming from abundance….it felt really good. Her friend grabbed her shortly after that
Then I left as we were leaving the club and the guys were outside. Had a good set outside as we were going to another bar
Nothing much at the next bar, so we went back to the club and I saw the girl with her friends, grabbed her again and moved her and tried to make the day 2 more solid and gave he another kiss again tried for more but no go, so I laughed and just went on with the night
The guys wanted to go to another bar, so we went there and I got blown out a few times but it didn’t matter.
So the 3 areas of improvement for me
1) Do more approaches with intent, not outcome
2) Know that I am enough and the girl deserves me
3) Get Physical and move the girl
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