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I went out with three other guys and the plan was to get stamped at a bar and then to another bar. The 1st bar was crazy busy with a lot of drunk people, so we get in and do a few sets and then decide to go to the other bar, where it was not very busy just yet but still managed to do a couple of sets.
The highlights of the first couple of hours was that I was winging and grabbed this Japanese girl and was going for an instant make out, didn’t really work but I tried and I had one other interesting interaction at the first bar but it didn’t go anywhere, but my state was great.
The next few hours was walking around and looking for a club to go into. By this time I was not in state but we managed to find a bar to go to. It’s almost 2 am by now and I managed to do a couple of lame approaches and then decided to go.
The night was very strange but I did have a few takeaways later
1) Open everything and be free from outcome
2) Get focused on why I am there
3) Get on top of the club by opening sets right away
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