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I went out with 3 other guys tonight and got into the club and did a few approaches maybe about 10 during the night, had a few good interactions but nothing note worthy. It seemed like I was following the process and free from outcome but didn’t get nay real connection with any girl that I was attracted to
1) Do More Approaches
2) Be Myself with Strong Eye Contact
3) Have More Fun and Be More Amused

I went out with three other guys and the plan was to get stamped at a bar and then to another bar. So in the line up to the 1st bar, my wing and I met these girls in line and we talked to them for awhile. So finally we get inside and start warming up and we saw the girls in line, so we went in and opened them again (he was interested in one of the girls, I wasn’t)
I was winging him so stayed in set with him for about an hour or so and we had lots of fun and I was getting in state so I didn’t mind. The rest of the night was doing more approaches, but no real solid interactions, but I just focused on staying present and having fun. I went home at around 2 am.
1) Do more approaches
2) Get on top of the club early
3) Follow the process and don’t half step it
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